Capella Bottles

Any tips on getting the drops out of a capella bottle lol

I have just received a couple of Capella flavourings and they are glass bottles. I’ve tried upside down, to the side and every which way but loose and the damn drops take forever to come out!:slight_smile: Difficult to say the least when you are trying to add drops to a 10 ml bottle.

Thanks - Andrew

My Capella bottles are plastic dripper bottles - Whenever I get glass bottles, I rebottle them to plastic drippers - much easier when I mix by weight :slight_smile:

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I assume you have the Euro droppers. Pop those suckers out and use an eye dropper, or as daath said rebottle.

Spank 'em. They love that. :joy:

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:slight_smile: Will do!

I use small 10ml bottles to transfer my glass bottles into. You can get 50 of them for less than $10. They’re also good for test mixes.