Capella dragonfruit

Hey peeps,gm to you all.i was wondering if anyones had a problem with this flavour.mixed up a dragonfruit cheescake,steeped for a month,tastes amazeballs but its making me cough so bad i think ive torn my stomach muscles lol no joke.nicotines fine flavours not bad just been bought recently.its really puzzling me why its happening,any advice as always greatly appreciated.


break down your recipe to find out what making yiu cough dragonfruit is pretty calm to me not like say tpa honeydew which is a strong flave with a hard throat hit , are you sure its not ur nic ???


No nicotines new from darkstar,all other mixes ive done with it are fine.all concentrates are gonna try it again and drop my% a little although it does taste good the way it is just makes me cough.

Vape gremlins…I’ve had this before, I did a recipe with Banana cream, use it all the time, but in this recipe at the 3 week mark I couldn’t vape it, it was like it was giving off fumes, just made me cough like crazy, I just didn’t make that recipe again lol

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First time ive used it,beautiful flavour just feels like dust when it hits back of my throat,may just be a flavour that dosnt agree with me.

I’m all about some dragonfruit! What % are you using it at? Cap’s DF is pretty potent and even though it’s good, I keep it low (and usually mix it with TFA’s too).


Its from the recipie on here called girl with a dragon cheesecake used at 3% to make 100ml and its capella.tastes absolutely gorgeous but just makes me cough,dont know why.dumped it in 50ml of creamy custard to see what that tastes like and its pretty good but still making me cough.

What my gut feeling is after all my reading on here is re do the recipie and drop the df by half then start again from there,maybe up it by .25 and see if it gets anywhere near for my pallete.

3% isn’t insanely high, I myself haven’t went higher than that. It could be you’re just sensitive to that flavor? Try making a single flavor juice with it, at various levels and see if it bothers you or puck up TFA’s DF and blend them. For what it’s worth, I use TFA’s at a higher percentage and Cap’s as a accent. Like tfa @ 3 and cap @ 1.5.
Sorry you’re having issues


Can agree 100% some vendors are just stronger or have something added in them that I can’t use as high but mixing them with another flavor makes them tolerable.

Cap DF is definite mix w/ another to calm it…


here is a few of my recipes where I am blending a couple of DF together to get a better outcome. Just to give you some ideas.

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Tfa already ordered and il do the single flavour mix like you sugested tonight and see if it turns out any better,so annoying because the flavour is so nice and i want to try more with it.ty darth much appreciated.


Very much appreciated amy,il take a look when i get im not giving up on this and i will find a way to make it work for me.ty so much.

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There’s plenty of ppl who have a difficult time making DF work for them wether it has too much of a harshness or they can’t taste anything but DF in their mixes. I think DF TFA is probably the easier one to get along w/ tbo. Good Luck

Thats exactly it,very harsh when it hits my throat.flavours have to wait till i get my new df tommorow and have a play with them both after ive read your recipies tonight.see what the masters do that i can learn from.

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