Capella flavors website- flavorings MIA?

Hi, i was just on the capella website attempting to re order some of my favorites and noticed some flavors were missing?! Orange creamcicle was not there. I was on the international site as i signed up for a wholesale discount. I then went to the regular website and there it was Orange creamcicle… Also many of the flavors (on the international site) were only available in RF? Versions. I say you, what is this madness… Does anyone know of a discount code for the US site. I do not want RF flavorings… Thank you

The reduced flashpoint (RF) flavours are the only ones they can ship by air with some of them - they should have both but it may restrict the shipping method (not that I have ordered direct before).

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Thank you. I see now that Cherry Cola is discontinued and only RF is available. I live in B.C which is just north of California, ground should be an option. Why Orange creamcicle is absent is beyond me, and only V2s can be seen (on international page) of lemon meringue, graham cracker and so on… Just annoyed because i have been making lists of flavors to restock and simplifying by ordering direct. Now i see i will have to order from ecigexpress, nicotine river and probably others to get what i need PITA

IIRC the CAP RF (reduced flashpoint) flavors are reformulated with less alcohol so they can ship it internationally without having to use combustion hazard shipping options. From what I read the RF flavors are considerably weaker.

You can sign up with a wholesale account on Capella’s US website.

Wholesale prices (for my account anyway) on CAP’s US website:

Retail prices on CAP’s US website:


Thank you. When i signed up for wholesale they emailed me a link which made me go to the international website. I will call and inquire if there is a solution…

I tried to order some Chai tea. It’s been classified as a flammable so it increased my shipping costs by $6.00 because it had to ship UPS.

I cannot even order that one in canada, only RF versions are available. Noticing Ecigxpress has the real versions for $12.45 per 4oz

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i think i have orange creamsicle i do not use it , if i do have it still ill shoot it to you it would only be a 13ml original bottle but ill check just pm if you do

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Thank you Fidalgo alas I am in Canada shipping would be more than the cost of the bottle. I generally order a larger amount to compensate for shipping costs. Go big or go home :wink:

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ill check how much shipping is , i live in Anacortes WA which is pretty close to canadian border it shouldn’t cost much i sent a provari classic to Toronto it was inly like 13 bucks