Capella Flavours

I just feel that I have to note this down for someone else it may be useful for. Yes we all know we must steep juices and shake and vape is very rare… when i bought my first batch of flavours in May I went mad on capella flavors, I was under the impression they were great, two months later I was less than impressed to say the least. Nothing I made with their flavors was even vapeable was so harsh and chemical. (yes I ruled out my nic on this)

Anyway I had bought giant bottles of the stuff and was then disappointed. Ill make note of some of the flavors, harvest berry, 27 bears, 27 fish, rainbow candy, tropical fruit punch and bubblegum. I tried heating the things waiting for 3 weeks steep with without nic, the whole shebang.

After all the miserable thoughts about cap flavours, I feel a bit guilty now. cleaning out my giant box of vape juices Ive mixed, as I now need bottles I tried a lil drip test of some of them before tossing them down the drain. They are bloody fantastic. EXCELLENT truly!! On my recipes I make notes about every two weeks, and then I just leave off. The conclusion is if you want EXCELLENT flavor go capella, BUT if you’re sensitive to chemicals like myself, 4 months is the minimum steep time.

Well done Capella, and Im sorry for all the nasty thoughts in the past :slight_smile:


That’s what we keep telling everybody and why we highly suggest you read plenty. You’ll see steeping return again and again in the posts here.

I still don’t think Capella is that great though. They have pretty good flavors, no doubt about that but if you really want to please your palate, you gotta venture out and try some different brands. No single brand has all the right flavors :wink:
Try a littlte Flavorah if you want to enjoy your juices without waiting 4 months! From my experience, a lot of their juices are vapable after a couple days, at most 2-3 weeks. Even their vanilla custard is properly good without weeks/months of waiting.


Ah thanks, after the capella stint though I bought tonnes and tonnes of others :slight_smile:


Capella is ok. No better or worse than TPA or Flavor West etc. Each have some notable gems, along with the forgettable ones.


If Capella works for you, mix it up!