Capella Lemon Lime weight

I was just whipping up 10ml of this flavor at 5 pct and noticed the grams read .70 so i measured out 5ml to double check the mfr specified weight and the 5ml came out to .50 so be careful , i have found problems in the past with Caps yellow peach as well this is why i doubled check … ill now weigh 1ml to test again and report back

1ml test


Btw what a great flavor

@fidalgo_vapes at lower weights (below 0.15) my scale seems sketchy. Put your bottle on the scale and don’t zero it out if you’re making say 10ml Single Flavor tests or just don’t try measuring tiny amounts of flavor first

um 0.50 is half a gram thats not tiny , im saying that the mfr spcified weight was 1.47 or something like that , and its not 1 ml actually wieghed .99grams , so if someone was doing 5percent they would be putting .7grams which is high it should only be .5