Capella Menthol from FSECig

Has anyone tried this and wondered where the flavour was?
I mix 5% (FW) Menthol with most of my recipes for a good menthol cooling note but FSECig had run out so I ordered the Capella because their flavours have always seemed ok.
Wow, how wrong was I…
I even mixed some Capella menthol at 26% and it still wasn’t a patch on the Flavor West.
Luckily I managed to wangle a refund because it was £16.99 for the 120ml concentrate.
Anyone else had any issues with it?


Maybe it’ll be a good lesson to
a) research your flavors before you buy them (there are plenty resources and if you can’t find something, ask here)
b) buy small quantities (10ml or smaller) of concentrates until you know for sure that you’ll like it

Keep buying from your vendor and supporting them. I don’t know of any seller of flavor concentrates that will give you a refund unless the flavor batch # is actually checked and acknowledged it isn’t OK.
Usually you open your bottle, you keep it. They can’t do anything anymore with a bottle that has been opened so refunding it is a loss for them (in favor of keeping their customer happy).


TPA menthol is pretty much saturated menthol in PG. And costs next to nothing. For information.

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