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Capella Silverline!? New flavors!


BUTTER PECAN ! ?? Gotta try this one…


Hi Guys,
Concrete River has a few tasting notes on a few flavors he bought from Cap’s Silver Line. Here is the video if your are interested in watching.


I ordered the blueberry extra so I’ll let everyone know how that is! I think these will become some popular flavors for the mixing community! I gotta try the biscuit but probably just get them all lol


Couldn’t see that one coming! :rofl:


All I have is the 27 bears but even after only steeping for a couple of weeks, wow, this flavor is awesome. Beats the hell out of any gummy flavor that I have tried.


Have you tried Cap jelly candy? If so what are your thoughts on the differences?


I just received blueberry extra and cinnamon sugar. I haven’t made any testers yet but ill let ya know.


was thinking the same thing.


I recently got the biscuit, butter pecan, and fruit circles.
The biscuit is so delicious and sweet n buttery. It was good on its own. Waiting to see how it steeps out.
The butter pecan was tasty but I haven’t tried vaping it yet. I’ll be back to let you know


I just saw you mention (cap) sl biscuit in another thread and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what the sl was. #facepalm duh! Silver line! Lol
I’m definitely going to have to try that biscuit. :yum:


I was pleasantly surprised at the flavor, its defiantly worth it, no off notes at all. I can see it pairing really well with sugar cookie and bakeries. I was thinking about putting it with the butter pecan. I’m looking forward to playing around with it. Lol that sounded funny lol…


Oooh, butter pecan biscuit sounds tasty!


Cinnamon sugar is sweet with a hint of cinnamon. Not as sweet as CAP super sweet but almost there. A little will go a long way. Doesn’t have that Splenda taste most sweeteners have.


Any info on fruit circles? I ordered some the other day. I’m curious how it compares to TPA and if I could just sub it at the same %. The average percentages between the 2 are basically the same on the flavor list, but CAP hasn’t been around long enough for me to consider it gospel.


LOL I ran out of likes for today but wow, I actually fell asleep watching that video, complete shut down of all functions, that guy needs to get a cocaine habit and fast… :laughing:


Its not as strong as the TFA and it tastes more like a fruity pebble. I’ve been letting it steep as a stand alone at 8%, and the finger test its really sweet and fruity pebble tasting. I haven’t vaped it yet but its looking promising!
…i just tried it after steeping a few days and its pretty good to vape as a stand alone! Sweet n fruity and creamy. Definitely one to keep! Let me know what you think after you try it out.


Just got 27 bears in and I have to say that one is a winner, here are two that I did with it and I think they came out pretty good for SNV, I will give any updates as to how they steep
V1 is easier more simple take on Gummy Bears, I would just link to the recipe but they are privet untill I think I have it down right, This is one I could do on a more bigger base, although I prefer V2 better V1 may be easier for some that don’t have all the flavors.
27 Bears (CAP) 6.00%
Cotton Candy (TFA) 1.00%
Golden Pineapple (CAP)1.50%
Lemon Lime ( CAP) 1.25%
Marshmallow (TFA) 1.00%
Pineapple (INW) .50%
Raspberry (CAP) 1.25%
Raspberry (INW) .25%
Royal Orange Juice (FA) .50%
Strawberry Shisha (INW) 1.50%
Sweet Strawberry (CAP)1.50%
Sweet Tangerine (CAP) 1.00%
Cherries (INW) .50%

Mixed at 30/70 pg/vg at 3mg nic,

V1 was just a simplified version with out the additional back-ups for flavors also without the Cherries (INW), Just bump up the Capella the additional percentage That the were in the INW and FA,

Right off the bat it may come off a bit chemical, but I am hoping this steeps out with the added EM (Cotton Candy) and Marshmallow to take off the edge and sweeten to the point of almost over sweet, I would think it is sweet enough to eliminate the Cotton Candy. It hits the right note of gummy bears. if you just use 27 bears at 6.5% it still is decent white gummy bear flavor, but I wanted to try to add the flavors in the mix to create a hand full from the bag with all the colors. As is this comes in at a whopping 18.75% mix and that is usually way over my range for flavor, and I feel it could be lowered, I was shooting for the ultra premium style juice here so its not out of the realm, anyway if you give it a go, mix as you wish, I would stay in the 4-6.5% range on the 27 Bears, It really has been fun playing with this one. as it is more effective than Jelly Candy (CAP) for the mouth feel and is the best out of all the gummy flavors I have tried, (TFA) (FW) (PUR) offerings.


RF SC gummy camdy is spot on as well. I will be ordering the entire Silverline on my next order from Nicriver. I bet anything the Cap Silver gummy mixed with RF SC gummy will make an awesome mix…


SO jelly!! :laughing:


I have heard good things on the Fruit Circles, 27 Fish, most of the others are not getting very much talk yet, the way Nicotine River has been doing their sales lately,its a good possibility they might do a sale with the Silverline too, They are pretty cheap as is though.