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Capella Silverline!? New flavors!


Thanks. I agree. It tastes a lot more like fruity pebbles… It’s sweeter than TFA also. I subbed it in the Real Barney Rubble recipe at the same percentage and I like it better.


I’ve never made that recipe. Is it pretty good?


Yeah I like it. It’s basically the go-to fruity pebbles recipe around here.


I mixed it up and I have to agree that its very delicious!! I haven’t tried the original and I probably dont need too, with the great taste of this one!!


This is a new one that looks like it could be a winner. Haven’t tried it yet because I ran out of VIC.

I would let it steep at least 2 weeks though or the VIC won’t be very noticeable.


This does look really good! I’m gonna mix this up today.thanks for posting.
…i mixed it up and I do like this one better. It has a creamier flavor!!


We just got Whipped Marshmallow, Fruit Circles, Biscuit, and maybe others but I forgot already. I wanted Whipped Marshmallow for my new Buffet Line (Banana Pudding). I’m so excite!!! ‘Amber yells in accent’. :grin:


please let me/us know how this is and how it differs than others ty


Is your buffet line an all you can vape? If so I’m in


Ha, :wink: It’s like a Whipped Banana/Graham Pudding. I love the FR Ripe Banana for my pudding recipe, and thought I would play around with it a bit, adding PUR Cheesecake and CAP SL Whipped Marshmallow to it.


Okay so after 7- 125 ml. versions of this, I think I have it close as I care to get to the best Gummy bear/ worm Candy as its gonna get. It is still privet but this is what I think is my final mix of this.

27 Bears(SL CAP)5%
Cactus (INW) .30%
Dragonfruit (TFA) 1%
Forest Mix (F.A.) 5%
Lemon Sicily (F.A.) 1.5%
Marshmallow (TFA) 1%
Pineapple (FR) (Flavor Revolution) .25%
Marzipan (F.A) .25%
Cherries (INW) .50%
Royal Orange (F.A.) .30%
Strawberry Shisa (INW) 1.00%
This I think is my final most complete gummy worm/ bear. this is a great snv. you can taste that thick gummy with the favors of cherry, pineapple, strawberry with the lemon and orange working more for the gummy than added fruit and the forrest as the mysterious fill of fruits. If using subs I would say INW pineapple at 1%, or Cap tangerine at 1% for the orange the TFA marshmallow works as a thickener and sweetener here, dragonfruit and cactus makes it all blend and sparkle, And the Marzipan is their to boost the cherry.Strength: 3 mg
PG/VG-ratio: 20/80
Flavor total: 19.32 ml / 19.72g (16.1%)


So, i was reading in someones notes on the whipped marshmallow:

Undiluted concentrated flavoring by Capella - The Following is directly from Capella:

“Due to popular demand and unavailable resources we have been forced to reformulate our original Marshmallow flavor concentrate. Tahitian Vanilla is now in high demand due to a global shortage which has driven $$ pricing $$ through the roof.

In order to keep our flavor concentrate competitive we have used alternative compounds to formulate the Marshmallow flavor concentrate. In addition, diketones have not been used in the production of this flavor concentrate. Enjoy!! “

Has Capella stated what flavors they are reformulating? Is Vanilla Whipped Cream going to be gone??!! Noooo!!

From this thread, i am very interested in some of these flavors. Its just that from that capella statement, im a bit nervous. Has anyone heard anything else about this reformulation thing, was it already discussed elsewhere?


I remember reading that on the Capella ‘New Marshmallow’ flavor which I bought a while ago, on their website. I wasn’t aware they had written it for the Whipped Marshmallow as well. The Whipped Marshmallow is very clear, and authentic vanilla would most certainly give it a darker hue. I think you might be looking at the info for New Marshmallow, as their product page for Whipped Marshmallow simply says:

Whipped Marshmallow
Those who like Whipped cream and marshmallow, get ready for a fantastic new desert combo from Silverline. A gentle touch of marshmallow with a whipped cream bite.

From the experts at Capella®.
10 new flavors.
Quality you can taste, at a price you’ll love.

What you read seems to refer to the Original formula, which was replaced with ‘New Marshmallow’. It’s meh, unless mixed with other marshmallows, then it’s decent.


Thanks, thats a relief! I copied that from someones notes on the whipped mm so they must have misplaced it there. Thanks again!


If you haven’t gotten it yet, it’s a bit thin in flavor for my liking, and I think it boosts other Marshmallow flavors really well. It does add a really luscious flavor at around 2%, I think I may have over anticipated it a bit and that’s my issue. I find it works so well when added to a really sweet and delicious Marshmallow, like Purilum, and takes it to a new, sticky and wonderful level.


Pulled the trigger on the silverline flavors on black friday. Took advantage of the 25% off at Nicriver. If all goes well (at customs) i should have them this week :smiley: first impressions and test results to follow in weeks to come…


I bought the Blueberry Extra and after a week of steeping, it tastes very floral to me.The same problem I have with Capella Blueberry, Blackberry and Raspberry.Probably just my weird taste buds. For instance I can’t taste apple when I vape it, but it tastes delicious if I taste the juice on my tongue. It reminds me of Capella Blueberry Jam without the candy sweetness.


At What percentages?


Per this: https://www.reddit.com/r/DIY_eJuice/comments/75n8ke/capella_silverline_blueberry_extra/ I went with 7%, the median of his recommended 6-8%. That was a 30 ml tester 70/30 VG/PG. I also substituted it at 2% in a berry recipe I use and the strong floral taste is very noticeable. I just tasted it again and I get a subtle aftertaste. Not quite moldy or dirt, but maybe earthiness. I am not slamming Capella, I use a lot of their flavors. So far this just doesn’t work for me.


I tended to gravitate to the 2-3% mark on BB extra (as a SF). Less in a mix (depending on pairing)

Not sure how long you’re letting it steep, but I’d recommend about 8-10 days on BB extra. It’s not “the typical fruit” steep IME (usually 3-7 days).

Hope this helps you find success.

If all else fails, I much prefer FW BB to TFA. :wink:
(and I still only have to use 3-4% FW for a full flavor!)