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Capella Silverline!? New flavors!


Yeah I haven’t given up yet, the rest will continue to steep and I’ll taste it as it ages. I agree, I use FW Blueberry as kind of the anchor for a lot of my berry recipes.



Blueberry is a hard one for me. At last count I think I have 7 or 8 different BB flavorings.



I’ve only tried CSL fruity circles so far. Very good, perfect cereal exhale. If you don’t care for citrus heavy cereals then this is perfect. I do like like the citrus forward loops clones so I add 1-2% lemon JF. Lemon JF is a perfect cereal lemon imo.



Hey @Silhouette if you have indeed used that cap sl whipped mm with pur mm, what do ya think is a good ratio to get that sticky delicious mm you spoke of? Sounds so good.

I havent gotten any of the cap sl yet but will soon

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I actually have been working on a few sticky recipes lately, one being like a quick steep type Rice Krispies, and a Loop Treat, and found that 2% CSL Whipped/ 1-1.5% PUR Marshmallow is a pretty good ratio, although I have used them together at 1% each with good results as well. I do tend to use flavors a little lower than normal, but I think the 2/1.5% would be sticky heaven.



OmGosh!! I just had a brain-drizzle!! (Not sure if it’s ‘storm-worthy’ until I get a chance to test the idea…)

But your post made me go… “Hrmmmm Fruit Loops Krispy treats!!” :drooling_face: Can’t believe no one has done that before!!

Rice Krispie treats are usually so bland (and blah). At best, you get a good Gooey marshmallow thing happening. But using fruit loops… Flavor city!

Thanks for the discussion! Inspiring!
(Sadly, of course it means another flavor or two to get. sigh)

Suggestions for the “best” (most accurate) fruit loops flavor??



@Silhouette thanks! Sounds good
@Sprkslfly not a bad idea at all… people seem to be really liking this cap sl fruit circles, might be a good start

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The only 2 mixes i did that were my own are a rice krispies treat that i often make (food version) and and a fruity peebles version, that ive also made (food version)

Im letting them steep and have used very low %s since i am brand new to mixing, but I bet you could master it pretty fast

My kids and I love the Rice Krispy Treats I make …it consists of the usual corn syrup, cereal, marshmallow, but I add peanut butter too. Then I ice the with a mixture of 1/2 butterscotch chips and 1/2 milk chocolate chips. OMG they are so delicious

Hopefully this turns out good when i get the %s down. Right now it smells and tastes good, so imo it wont work yet lol… It seems all the vaps i do like do not taste good on finger test. But I will work on it and get it right



Yeah silly that’s what I made :grinning: It’s still private, just because I want to make sure the Crunchies are ok where they are at, I usually prefer to use FW Rice Krispies Type, but instead used TPA in this. I hope it turns out good, the Cereal Killer Pie turned out great using the Fruit Circles.



So far I got the Cinnamon Sugar, Fruit Circles, & Biscuit. The Cinnamon Sugar was just ok. The Fruit Circles and Biscuit I liked.



anyone try the three new ones ??



I saw them at bcv but i dont think theyre stocked yet? Interested in the Acai, looks like an acai sorbet, but nobody’s done an authentic one yet so i just expect a decent berry out of it. Apple snacks looks interesting too.



im going to order from capella , if the apple snaks is half as good as the fruit circles then it will be worth it ill let everyone know my thoughts , btw i hate ordering direct rhe shipping is always crazy




Diyvaporsupply has them in stock :wink:



i never think of them ty



No problem. I always remember them when something new comes out. I know they will be the first to release it, so it seems. I know the new FW flavors were on there a lot quicker than anyone else.



thats nice to know



Geez man, thats a ridiculous shipping price for domestic. Pretty sure theyre located in Nj. Oh well, good to know. Interested in that apple snacks for sure

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i think capella is in cali ?? and im in washington that crazy shipping



Yep they are. If it makes you feel better so, I’m in the same state as them (or many other flavor companies) yet they still would charge me $11.32 . probably cheaper but defiantly quicker to take a 6hr drive and pick them up locally lol. You could also pay like $6 per flavor via amazon and get it same day for free.

Obviously not what we should be doing but I’m trying to point out that without huge effort I came up with solutions. Not that capella ever going to read this lol

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