Capella Super Sweet warnings

I was doing some mix planning and I noticed a warning on Super Sweet that I had never seen before. A fairly nasty looking one as well. A couple of things I don’t understand though. One is the fact that the warning states that it is not water soluble but the first ingredient is water. It also gives a couple of links but those just go to data sheets. So I’m a bit confused. Is this just a CYA or is there something to it? Some mention of it in the notes but no discussion that I can see. All I’ve found online says it’s overblown. Anybody have any more info?





Citric Acid

Sodium Citrate

Potassium Sorbate

Sodium Benzoate


Sodium Benzoate is water soluble but when put into an acidic ph environment it will convert to Benzoic acid which has very limited water solubility (less than 0.3% will dissolve in water). Considering the small amount of Sodium Benzoate in Super sweet coupled with the small amount of super sweet as a % of the mix I would suggest it is nothing to worry about (personal opinion)

Potassium sorbate is the potassium salt of sorbic acid the solubility of sorbic acid in water is low (.16 g/100 ml) and it increases with temperature. The solubility is higher in ethanol but decreases in the presence of other solutes such as sugar. Potassium sorbate (as compared to sorbic acid) is very soluble in water.

I do not use super sweet because I dislike what it does to the juice - if you are super cautious then steer clear but I would say the risk is infinitesimal.


That’s kind of what I thought. I’m no chemist but this seems to pretty much confirm what I’ve been reading. I know there is always a great deal of misinformation out there but when I see something here, I tend to take notice. I don’t use it that much but that’s why I tend to like the Super Sweet. A little goes a long way.


In addition to what SessionDrummer and woftam have already stated, the most likely reason you had never noticed the warning before was due to not having used the proper listing (in the flavor database).

I merged a LOT of the stray Cap super sweet listings over the last few weeks. One of the largest benefits (aside from getting more notes into the proper listing) is making sure that people become aware of any relevant warnings, ‘flavor notes’ (from an ingredient standpoint, not mixer’s notes), being known to crack plastic tanks, etc…

Glad you (even inadvertently) found it useful helpful, and became more informed as a result!


I actually just added the warning 3 days ago. I’ve modified the listing somewhat. I add them as I learn or am pointed towards new information :slight_smile:


:thinking: I thought there already was one…
Ah well. Obviously I was wrong!

Thank you for the correction!


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