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Capella Vanilla Custard V1 vs V2


Well Jim, you have to expect it. There are always going to be noobs like me that don’t know any better. It’s discussions like this that help us learn and not be noobs anymore. I came away from this discussion with a change of view about it all I think. I didn’t mean for the discussion to go this way. But I’m glad it did :wink:



I do expect it and that’s why I don’t need to comment on anything in “D” posts or threads …I know better.:pensive: Sorry to sound jaded and I don’t mean to offend with off comments… I will say, you’ll eventually get to the same point of being tired of hearing about it…give it a couple of years! :smirk:

Peace! :+1:



Brother I know it was in fun. That’s how I took it too. Believe me you’ll need to locate some Rhinos or Elephants to find thicker skin than mine. Now if you don’t mind please pass the butter and cream :slight_smile:



I didn’t think you sounded jaded. I was replying in good fun. It’s too easy to take typed conversation out of context. I was just saying thanks for chiming in brother :wink:



read this thread hoping to find what the differences in taste and quality between v1 and v2 were sadly all i learned was the different
chemical in them are lol, lets talk about the difference in taste tho…

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For me it’s really 2 main thing. You’re asking about taste. As for taste I hardly tell a difference. Eggy vanilla. But aftertaste is a different story. I can’t really describe it but v2 has a kind of odd aftertaste. I only notice it when used over about 5%.

The other difference for me is mouthfeel. v1 has a kind of coat your tongue feel I find very appealing. That seems nearly gone in v2. Again I keep my percentages lower with V2 so maybe it’s really the same. I’ve not used it enough in higher percentages to nail that one down.



cool thanks that was helpful i will try v1



Some people say v2 tastes like vomit.

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eww :frowning:



A lot of the diacetyl/acetyl propionyl/acetoin-free flavorings use butyric acid instead - in larger quantities it tastes/smells like vomit. To me all flavors with it have an off-taste - not that bad, but enough that I prefer flavors with the “bad stuff” in it to stuff with buryric acid :smile:



oh no! i didnt know that i thought that the butyric acid was suppose to taste better or be better for you or something and i just ordered a 4 oz bottle of tfa dx banana cream ive never used the dx one just the normal banana cream tfa and love it so did i just make a mistake??? maybe i should email them and see if i can change it lol, it was from wizard labs… lovee the normal banana cream i was hoping the taste would not change or the taste would be better :grimacing:



You might like it better? Who knows? Personally I don’t like the ones with butyric acid :smile:

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ohh so some people do like it better?..

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capellas vanilla custard v1 is custard heaven…v2: not so much…

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I’ve got the v2 in a couple flavors… I’d rather have bought the v1 or not the dx version but ehh I try to only use them if its really gonna be a background flavor and so far it’s working out well… just mo



There are bound to be people that like it better - I know lots of people prefer them, because they don’t want the added risk of diacetyl/acetyl propionyl/acetoin…



yeah i think ill just stick to the flavors that are not dx or v2, overall it seems people like them better so there must be a reason there always out of stock, i emaild wizard labs so hopefully they email me back before they ship my order that would be cool i dont want 4oz of something i dont love



wow wizard labs already emailed me back!!! and there going to switch it out how awesome is that! took them like not long at all to respond!! im impressed even tho my order has been awaiting fulfillment for four days now lol



When I was getting my Nic from WL I thought the same…customer service is very good. Processing orders, not really. They’re like a herd of turtles. But also their packaging (for nic anyway) is a mini fortress surrounding the goods.



Ah do you like the Nic they provided?

I have TPA Cinnamon Danish DX, I won’t say anything bad about it so DX I guess may not be a complete loss, all perspective I guess.

Does the smell go away after mixing and letting the Cap V2 breathe?