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Capella Vanilla Custard V1 vs V2


I am ordering some more Vanilla Custard. I try to stay away from flavors with all the warnings on them. Is there a difference in V1 and V2 that will affect certain recipes? Do you have to alter the percentages if using one or the other?


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Vanilla custard

I’ve only used FW VC but looking at the numbers from this site people are averaging 1% lower with Capella Vanilla Custard V2 than with V1. It does use a different flavor molecule (most likely extremely diluted butyric acid if I’m not mistaken) so the flavor profile is different. Digging thru the ratings, some people prefer it, some people think it’s horrible, and some love them both. That’s probably not very helpful, sorry! :confounded:


the butytric acid sometimes taste like vomit…


To me the difference with v1 and v2 is quite big. I can immediately taste if v2 was used. It has a certain …quality… as @quitter1 mentions ;D


Yeah, there’s a huge difference to me. I only used the v2 once, and that was enough. Although, now that I’m a little more experienced, I might revisit it. I tend to shy away from butyric acid (companies’ no-diketone ‘alternative’) more than acetoin or acetyl propionyl. I live dangerously though. :stuck_out_tongue: Best way to find out is just to try them both and see which one you prefer.


So JoJo, you don’t bother changing recipes with flavors that contain acetyl or acetoin in them? I read up on it and decided to stay away from them as much as I could. But I do have juices and flavors that “may” contain these. I just try not to vape them on a daily basis.


That is kind of how I feel about it. I just don’t vape those flavors all the time and try and use alternatives when they don’t just taste bad.


I agree completely! It’s very likely worst than the Diectyl it’s trying to replace according to some. If I were in the shoes of those who blend only for themselves, I would be sucking up some Diectyl in Cap VC v1 and loving it…


Well thanks guys. I just mixed up a small batch of Unicorn Milk and noticed I ordered V2 by mistake. I didn’t even notice there was a V2 until after I had it mixed up and was putting the bottle back in the rack. That’s when I saw the V2 on the bottle. So I am hoping it comes out OK.

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(citation needed)

I’m a bit suspicious of that statement, particularly in the concentrations we’re talking about. The MSDA toxic level for BA is 2000mg/kg. So yeah, it’d be bad if you vaped a vial of concentrated butyric acid, but it would be bad to vape the majority of our ejuice additives in near pure concentrations.

As for the vomit comparison, while it is a nasty rancid scent on its own in high concentration, so many other flavor molecules. I wonder if there isn’t some expectation bias there?


If so it’s bias from other sources, not my own. Truth be told I do not buy either Cap VC v1 or v2. Not because I fear diectyl or butyric acid but because I blend for a shop. As I said if I blended for myself I would choose v1. Again BA according to some think it is worst than diectyl. Wish I could point to the articles I was reading but months ago now. Could be something to it though. TFA seems to be reformulating and getting rid of BA. My actual decision is based on the fact that I don’t feel as big a need to avoid Diectyl as others do and feel cap original VC v1 is the better tasting. I avoid either chemical in shop juice because of public sentiment…


There was some talk about butyric acid being bad if used along with diketones…


That’s weird, I’d previously heard the opposite, but now all I can find are references to this study.

We need some dang studies for vaping tho, everything out there (including this study) is referring to popcorn manufacture. :mask: :corn:


If it tastes good I’ll vape it. I’m steering clear of cigarettes dammit, ain’t that enough? :slight_smile:

Actually, I quite enjoy all the flavors I’ve been told contain this or that which is bad for you. Over on that other POS forum it had become quite the stinger. You know how when you smoked you’d get those looks and jeers in certain situations? Same thing over there with diketones. You can’t even bring up the word butter or custard without someone going into a bitch fit over Diacetyl or some crap. Whatever. I’m vaping what I like until I’m dead or on a breathing machine.

As for Capella’s VC, I can’t remember who but someone told me recently that what CAP is calling Vanilla Custard on the site now is not the original. Can anyone confirm that? I used to have a good amount of it but, well, I vaped it all. If they no longer sell it on their website where can I get it and is it in limited supply now? Questions, questions.


You mean a Vaping Machine…lol. Seriously, agreed. Being cigarettes contain Diectyl then I had used diacetyl for over 47 years. What’s a few more years…


Ditto @SthrnMixer… Vaping what I wanna vape.:+1:


Dammit man that’s just morbid!!! LOL I hope you’re not saying that’s me in another year!! Good one brother. :slight_smile:


More than in vapor, by at least one or two orders of magnitude. And there isn’t conclusive evidence the diacetyl in vapor is even something to worry about. The infamous popcorn workers were dealing with concentrated powdered flavorings.

As long as a person knows what they’re doing and are willing to assume any risks, everyone else can piss right off. Your body, your decision, IMO. The key is to make sure that we don’t play down the potential risk just because it makes us happy. I’d like folks to know as much as possible before they decide. Especially if I’m gonna run around telling everyone how great it would be for them to switch from cigs to vapes.


Geez. You guys rock. Thanks for clearing that up. @ringling I didn’t really think about it that way. Hell yeah, I smoked for 25 years. If smoking didn’t kill me - vaping sure the hell won’t lol. I was just thinking last night it’s probably Phillip Morris stirring up all these discussions anyway about the harmul shit in vape juice.

But back to the V2 - I just vaped some Cream e Clouds Monkey Cream. Based on just reading a shit ton of reviews about flavors, it seems to me it must be made with Lorann Oils Banana Cream and this Vanilla Custard V2. Because it tastes like a Banana Runt and vomit. Seriously. Anybody here tried it?


@SthrnMixer, I was saying ditto to your whole post and kinda poking a bit of fun at the “horrors” of Diacetyl… There will always be a fresh group of folks that fear the Diacetyl, Diketones and any other D words thought and taught to be bad when associated with vaping.

I told myself at one point, I would never comment on a “D” thread again (tired of reading and hearing about it)…but guess I can’t help myself! :pensive: