Capella Vanilla Custard V2 and Vomit taste

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I have use Capella Vanilla Custard V2 (3%) and Strawberry FW (5%) on my recipe at 1mg nic . ( I dont like strong percent juice ) .
the juice is has Vomit after taste , I have steep it well for 3 weeks and breath it but still I got vomit taste after 5 or 10 puff , this taste is very bad , so I think Capella Vanilla Custard V1 no has this issue .

but what about if I vape same recipe with V1 and 30 ml per day ?! is it risk for health , because Acetyl Propionyl, Acetoin, Diacetyl , also if I vape any juice has Acetyl Propionyl, Acetoin, Diacetyl (30ml/day) is it risk !!!

vomit taste this is now big issue for me , I have DNA mod always my build (0.2 ohm ) nichrome 80 or Kanthal A1 on 45 watt , Lightning vapes wires , NudeNicotine 36mg/ml , UK high quality VG - PG and all my flavors from Nicotine River .
I am happy with vape but now I back to a little smoke because I feel bad with vomit taste :cry:



I’m so sorry! The puke taste is from the chemical they use to replace the diketones. There are more diketones in cigs though so just clean your coils, rewick and get some yummy V1.


I have Capella Vanilla custard v2 and Browny chocolate v2 , I think I will not use it again , also I think TFA DX flavor has same issue .


Many of the dx and v2 have that vomit flavor which is why I completely avoid them if I can. I just can’t handle the taste or smell. But like @Mizzz_Z_Hobbit said, cigarettes have much more diketones than you would ever get from vaping, so find what you like (cap vc v1 ftw!!!) and kick those cigs to the curb. :wink:


Just avoid anything that’s a V2 or DX. As mentioned above the diacetyl exposure from vaping is 750 times lower than in cigarettes.


Not all people have that sensitivity to butyric acid but those that do usually have it bad. I personally have no issues with any of the DX or v2 flavors.

I really cant say whether or not the CAP v1’s are dangerous to vape. If I had the issue that you did I wouldn’t hesitate to use the v1’s.


Cap Sugar Cookie V2 is nice though, go figure, lol. Just as a general rule though, if the flavor was made V2 or DX to avoid diacetyl, the V1 is going to taste better.


I hate butyric acid , really it is bad taste .
I will order V1 .



Sweet move :+1:


As said above, Butyric acid has been used to replace many of the diketones. It is the essence of vomit and gives it the smell and taste…Do as everyone else suggested and go back to your custard version that does not have it and vape happily…


Of course I would recomend doing some reading.

There are 50 vomit threads already. And probably the same number regarding this compound.


Butyric acid is the acid in vomit but it’s also the acid in butter. If you’re tasting vomit you are simply using too too much. The Acetoin scare has some basis, but many are of the opinion the worry in terms of mixing e-juice is ridiculous. Always remember Vaping is not healthy, just massively less dangerous than combusting tobacco.

As said above there is 750 times less Acetoin in the strongest e-juice compared to cigarettes. That’s the Max comparison of smoking/vaping. The average was 10,000 times less Acetoin. Search ELR (here) for “A Billion Lives” for a link to a scientific video looking at such issues. Spend more time researching the exaggerated perils of Acetoin from vaping and take as a cue that if you’re tasting it (vomit) you are simply using too much FlavorX DX

meanwhile I’m trying to find that recipe that only had 750X less Acetoin than a cigarette …sounds delicious! …guessing Vanilla Butter Custard Milkshake of some kind


While Googling trying to find the flavorings highest in Acetoin/Propianyl so I could mix them all together in my new recipe MAXcetoin I came across this

I’ll start worrying when I get a job at Orville Redenbackers…


:cry: I rewick and clean my RDA , then vaping ( peach FW 4% , RY4 1% ) juice , still vomit taste back :mask:
is my juices gone to bad ! it has 3 weeks made .

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I am using Capella VC v2 3% in my juice with 4% strawberry FW , it is not too much , why I got vomit taste !!!
first week no vomit taste after 2 another week the taste come

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@alostoora Ooh sounds like you didn’t shake the Capella VC v2 flavor bottle before mixing the first time! I had the same problem when I was a new mixer. When I bought my first Capella VC v2 I opened the bottle and smelled because this is an OLD story …I didn’t smell any vomit …“Those people are crazy?” My first mix turned out OK but never again. None of the next mixes of the same recipe turned out to be vapable!

If the flavors (chemicals!) separate in the bottle and all the butyric acid has settled to the bottom all of your mixes will have a much higher concentration of the vomit taste even if you do shake the battle next time …too late you have altered the mix in the original bottle because maybe you didn’t shake. Only solution is buy another and toss that one.

Me? Next time I just bought Capella VC v1 …but always remember to shake vigorously each flavor just before mixing.


u forgot honey =D

i made a VC recipe a 2 months ago. once i stoped using PG flavs. i wasn’t about to leave a premixed bottle of VC v2 cap and tpa VC. mixed to a lovely ratio. so i thought wth. ill mix a 60ml @ 10% Flav total…
was unvapable for almost 3 weeks. smelled so fumes/strong and i tried it last week in a driper. its aged enough to say the edges are gone its smooth. but man if u have a cold or any phlegm in your throat/nose etc. this flavor gets stuck in that. so long after (even kens SNC) all u can taste when u have a cough (cold,sneeze,cough,plegm etc) all i can taste is this VC aftertaste. kinda concerning. (i vaped say 10-20 hits in the morning, could still taste it in the evening when coughing from a cold)


good information , ummm so I will loos 40 flavors bottle :sleepy:

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should I shake all flavors before using ?
that mean I should toss all my flavors

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I am unsure which flavors stay blended more than others. I just know about the one