Capella VG on sale Gallon for $12.99

Gallon VG for $12.99 (US)


Musim Mas is the same VG Nic River carries, IMO it is the cleanest available. Good stuff.


I ordered a gallon of the Musim Mas for 13.99 and saved a few dollars shipping vs NicRiver.


I have some coming from Nic River, they had it on 4th of July sale for about the same price and I got free shipping on >$50 …free shipping is a tremendous bonus when it comes to VG


Y’all need to give a glycube a try. right now they got one for 48 bones

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good deal if you’re looking to get 2 gallons of vg and 2 gallons of pg.

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you can change it up any way you want. 4 vg, 3vg 1pg, which is what I usually get.

The first time I did it was one gallon of vg and free shipping, I was hooked after that.
Anywho, just thought I would throw it out there, I know we all have our favorite stuff and places to get it. Like I said, just throwing it out there.


Could not find the USP designation in the Capella Flavors site. Odd, would not be the first time I miss something.
Nic River’s versions clearly state USP grade.