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Exhaustive List of Capella Flavors with Zero Acetoin or Acetyl Propionyl
Capella’s customer service seems to be pretty good. Very quick responses without beating around the bush. I wanted to know which flavors were “safe” for vaping and this is the response I got.

Hope someone finds this useful.

-----Begin Response from Capella-----

Please note that we are just the Flavor company. However, many of our customers use our flavor concentrates in their e-liquid recipes. I have provided a list below of all of our flavors that do not contain the small trace of Acetoin and Acetyl Propionyl. None of our flavors contain Diacetyl. If you have any questions, please contact me.

Amaretto CA-1017
Anise CA-1366
Apricot CA-1334
Bacon CA-1315
Banana CA-1019F
Banana Split CA-1021
Blackberry CA-1400
Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy CA-1377
Blueberry CA-1020
Bold Tobacco CA-1396
Bubble Gum CA-1046
Cantaloupe CA-1371
Cherry Cola CA-1240F
Chocolate Raspberry CA-1025F
Cola CA-1039F
Concord Grape CA-1043F
Cool Mint CA-1030
Cranberry CA-1347F
Crispy Bacon CA-1373
Cucumber CA-1363
Cup of Joe CA-1415
Double Apple CA-1401
Double Watermelon CA-1380
Dragon Fruit CA-1402
Energy Drink CA-1048F
Espresso CA-1040F
Fig CA-1318F
Glazed Doughnut Ca-1398
Golden Pineapple CA-1357
Grape CA-1321F
Grapefruit CA-1375
Green Apple CA-1238F
Grenadine CA-1399
Harvest Berry CA-1348
Hibiscus CA-1370
Honeydew Melon CA-1361
Hot Cinnamon Candy CA-1076
Italian Lemon Sicily CA-1404
Juicy Lemon CA-1362F
Juicy Orange Ca-1376
Juicy Peach CA-1367F
Kiwi Strawberry CA-1034
Lemon Lime CA-1075F
Maple Syrup CA-1314
Medium Tobacco CA-1394
Menthol CA-1405
Passion Fruit CA-1374
Pear CA-1032
Peppermint CA-1042
Pumpkin Pie (Spice) CA-1003
RF Cherry Cola CA-1387
RF Energy Drink CA-1390
RF Sweet Strawberry CA-1382
RF Tangerine CA-1392
Root Beer CA-1010F
Smooth Tobacco CA-1372
Spearmint CA-1052
Sweet Cream CA-1397
Sweet Lychee CA-1365
Sweet Mango CA-1364
Sweet Strawberry CA-1304F
Sweet Tangerine CA-1313F
Sweet Tea CA-1358F
Sweet Watermelon CA-1350F
Toasted Almond CA-1014
True Tobacco CA-1395
V2 Apple Pie CA-1384
V2 Boston Cream Pie CA-1389
V2 Cappuccino CA-1414
V2 Caramel CA-1408
V2 Chocolate Fudge Brownie CA-1386
V2 Cinnamon Danish CA-1409
V2 Double Chocolate CA-1410
V2 French Vanilla CA-1379
V2 Graham Cracker CA-1381
V2 Hazelnut CA-1388
V2 Lemon Meringue CA-1407
V2 Peaches and Cream CA-1385
V2 Peanut Butter CA-1411
V2 Pina Colada CA-1406
V2 Pomegranate CA-1391
V2 Raspberry CA-1383
V2 Sugar Cookie CA-1412
V2 Vanilla Cupcake CA-1413
V2 Vanilla Custard CA-1378
Wild Cherry CA-1037
Yellow Peach CA-1403


this flavor of capella brand is safe?


According to the company these flavors are safe


Thanks, this is very useful information and its good to see capella being so open about e-liquids.

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ok tx sir,… is very helpfull