Caps. cinnamon coffee cake

I bought capella cinnamon coffee cake flavoring. No what I can it is still bitter. 5% with no nic. just that on mix 50/50. Tryed mixing with vanilla and coffee flavering, but all I tast is bitterness. Steel and let it breat for 3-5 days and still bitter. Has any body use this flavoring or Is it just me.
I have bought other flavoring from capella, like cinnamon swirl, cinnamon roll. and work out ok. If any body has run in to this proplem, or have any good tips, please reply. I have 6 oz on this stuff.

First off, I don’t think it’s just you being you are getting the hang of other flavors. Never think all Capella flavors are good. Not one company has ALL good flavors. Ok honestly never used this flavor. Question, is this a cake flavor, a cake flavor with strong coffee, or a coffee flavor with a hint of cake? Let me just say this regardless of answer. If this is a coffee flavor or leaning strongly towards a coffee flavor my guess is you will have to use it at very low percentages since every coffee I have ever blended with I could not use more than 2%. In this case use 2 percent and sweeten with 2% marshmallow. If still bitter instead of marshmallow you can mute a bit with EM/Cotton Candy but will take a week or 2 to mute the flavor a bit. Hope this is some help…

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At least one other user said they didn’t care for this flavoring all by itself.

Some flavors just aren’t very good by themselves (or at all).

And if you search long enough you can probably find someone who says “You’re crazy, this stuff is the best!” :hear_no_evil:

ok, thanks that makes sence. I was shooting for a cinnamon coffee cake as the main, then added vanilla and sweetner to make more of a sweet desert. ( like coffee cake rolls.) I was just looking to make somthing differant. It just takes a week to get your flavoring in and then you have to steel it.I’ll have to stop pushing so hard to make alot of juice. I’m a heavy vapor, (30mls ) a day .
I’ll go back and order differant flavors with smaller amonts.
thanks ringling

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Boy, isn’t that the truth…lol


well I first try I did have three flavors mix, put it was still storng / bitter. So I tryed just one flavor at lower % to see if I over satuated the. Just trying to hard to make juice faster. . ordering additives that you don’t know if it will work arenot, just hard on the pocket book.

    thanks for the help zigz.
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Trying making a 10% dilution with that flavor. It’s very strong, and it’ll be a lot easier to play around with


I’ll admit, I have worked with this flavor before and had mixed results. It is a stronger flavor coming from Capella so I recommend using 5% or less. It does not taste anything like coffee but the cinnamon stands out … but it is more of a sweet cinnamon rather than a spicy cinnamon. I can say you will find it more useful in smaller doses and better (in my opinion) when mixed as an additive opposed to a main ingredient.