Captain PD270 issue

I left it laying in a drawer for a couple months and now it thinks one of the batteries is always dead (specifically, whichever is in the B slot).

There a fix for this or should I just buy a new mod? If I should buy a new mod – anyone got recommendations for 20700 mods, especially if there’s like a super cheap single battery one? Still got good batteries, none were in the mod during the drawer stay. Currently looking at the captain x3 at 50 USD, a smok majesty at 30 (it’s so pretty!) or a Wismec Reuleaux Rx2 at 20. I mean, I have the batteries, so the Wismec is probably the best use of my money. But the captain x3’s coming with batteries is so tempting, and again, that smok is just so pretty, and I didn’t hate my G150, it was just a little small and not as high wattage as I like having the option for.

Honestly - dunno how everyone goes with so many mods. I had 3. Two captainss and a smok g150. Lost one of the captains, the backup broke while waiting to be used, and so did my first mod, the smok. But that had internal batteries and they’re just dead.

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Try cleaning the contact on the door that checks the 2nd batt voltage w/ an eraser. Beyond that would me tearing it apart and there is a lil wire in there that checks the 2nd batt. I dont have or took one of those apart myself but have read of similar issues w/ similar mods.Gl to u!


Kay, I broke down and took it apart. It may have been reparable, a good cleaning didn’t work tho and I don’t have a soldering iron, multimeter, or wire. Also two of the screws wouldn’t come out so I had to totally break it to get a look at the board, just cause I wanted to see it after knowing for sure I’m throwing the mod out. Neat looking thing - didn’t see an obvious short/broken transistor/whatever but my eyes ain’t magic so I dunno.

Anyway - anyone got any suggestions for mods? Going for the Wismec, unless someone’s got a recommendation around the same 20 USD that’s better. I’m also looking at the IJoy Capo Squonker, 18 USD and trade 100w instead of 200w for squonking, plus there are advantages to only using one battery at a time. . .and I think ALL my RDAs have squonking pins in that drawer somewhere, definitely most of them do. But. . . meh, prolly go with the Wismec cause I’ve never used a squonker and I know I like to play above 100w sometimes. (I shouldn’t have been looking at anything 30+ before shipping in the first place, broke dude :P)


Sry that it wasnt something like an obvious broken solder connection but at least you had that moment of “neat looking” before chucking it. A lot of us window shop just for the halibut and will keep our eyes open for you. I know small vape budget hands blow but what would the budget and basic needs be?


Meh, I paid 20 for the Reuleaux rx2, plus 6 shipping. They were down to the last two (had like 20 a few hours ago) and I already missed my chance at the Captain X3 for 30 USD by dithering for a couple minutes. This wasn’t quite the level of deal as that one, since the batteries alone are about 30 bucks, but, awell. Good enough.

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Not a lot to go on here but, did you:

  • put it in the drawer because it was having problems to start? (and forgot)
  • put it away with batteries in it (and if yes, was there one totally dead and unable to be revived? Or was there indication of leaking in one slot?)

It’s also possible that you might have a bad solder joint on the battery connector… But I have seen the odd rare instance where the battery connector actually broke from the strain of the batteries being pressed too tightly.

As for suggestions on replacement, IMO, Smok and Wismec are not your friend for replacements. I’d go with the Ijoy (of what you’ve mentioned), but I’d honestly recommend a Smoant over most others (in the price range).