Caramel apple

Do you think i could make a caramel apple with green apple fuji apple and caramel v1
If so what percent should i try for each

Search the flavors in the list on the recipe side and look at the median percentages for starting points.


There is this recipe on Vaping Underground that I promised myself to try at some point.

Maybe you could use it for inspiration, as aware as I am you are unlikely to be talking FA flavours.

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You could always sit down and experiment with your flavors. Mix little test batches at various percentages for each individual flavor. When you find a percentage that seems right for your palate write it down. If you have 10 flavors you’ll have written 10 notes.
Now when you go to mix something you can refer to your notes.

It might be time consuming and it’s easier to just look at what percentages other people use, but I’m a firm believer that becoming familiar with what you have makes you a better mixer down the road.

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