Caramel/Butterscotch what’s the difference?

I’m looking for a creamy caramel, butterscotch for a recipe. Kinda like werthers candy. I have caramel candyTPA, butterscotch FA and FW, regular caramel FA and CAP. Seems that most add a heavy almost burnt type of flavor. I have hagensan creamy caramel coming. Hoping it works. Any suggestions?
BTW—— I’ve notice a comment on a recipe. It was talking about flavor stash. I’m bad about not adding new flavors. Do people really keep up?


Definitely, also helps the Mixologist so they can see what’s in your stash. So they can help you create a Recipe etc… And believe me it is a pain at times but you can make Recipes specific to you own Flavor Stash too


Caramel is basically almost burnt sugar syrup, a very typical flavor that’s easily recognizable. Butterscotch is a mix of brown sugar and butter.

If you want to make use of the “What can I make” and “Search by flavor stash” functions, you really need to keep up with it. I use my flavor stash as well to get an indication of price, to quickly see which flavors in a recipe I’m missing (and can possibly substitute or not).

I also use the shopping list feature a lot. Once I’ve got the flavor, just a click of a button will add it to my stash.


@Ken_O_Where mentions a werthers mix almost as much as Beeferoni…


I’d suggest Cap caramel (v1)
Along with…

FW butterscotch natural

The combination of those two, should give a foundation to build on…

You might also want a smidge (like 0.5%) of LA Butter Rum. And I’d also suggest at least an experiment or two with FLV butterscotch (0.1-0.2%).
Both of these bring a slight “spice” note, and if memory serves, Wurther’s original definitely has a very slight spice to the finish. It’s so smooth and silky that most miss it, but I think it’s there.

Hope this helps!


Glad you got a Hangsen Caramel coming, is it just Caramel or Caramel Toffee? Caramel has been a tough road for me, I view Caramel not in the traditional sense, but how I grew up with it, which was Cajeta instead of regular Caramel. Hangsen Caramel Toffee will always take the top spot, but runners up are FW Caramel Candy, FLV Caramel. FW C Candy is sweet and delicious, I use minimally. FLV Caramel is dark and decadent, adds a delicious cooked sugar Caramel to mixes.


I will second the fw butterscotch natural, it’s awesome, I’ve been playing with it and INW creme brûlée together, the burnt sugar note from creme brûlée really compliments butterscotch to me


Isn’t cajeta made with goats milk? That stuff is delicious lol


Sounds like something I need to try!


If your gonna try it might as well throw in some tfa toasted marshmallow and make it a party lol


Yup, I love it. It sounds yuck to people that haven’t tasted it, or have had this misfortune of drinking just goat milk.


It is caramel toffee… my bad. Are you the one who posted Crack pie? Silhouette?

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What I’m really trying to do is clone “Icing on the Flake”. It’s the first juice I’ve bought in awhile. It’s was a group buy and the price was good. I loved it! So… trying to make it. Crack Pie looks very much the same. Flakes, dairy, vanilla icing, sweetner. Thinking it needs a touch of butterscotch.
I’ll try butterscotch natural too!
Thanks for the replies!!!


Yep, thats me. :grinning: It took a while too, only because their description was so misleading. I’m happy with where it’s at though, it’s as close as I can possibly get.


The best caramel I have had so far is FW salted caramel. It actually tastes like caramel. No real salt taste. I have tried a lot of caramels and so far that is the one.

Another thing I do is add equal parts FA caramel and FA butterscotch to get a decent caramel flavor.


Couldn’t sleep last night so I was up mixing. I had (FA) Caramel 1%, Butterscotch (SC)(Real Flavors) 2.8%, Vanilla Custard V1 (CAP) 3.75%,(TFA) Cotton Candy 1% and RY4D 4%
At least 10-14 steep. I found a recipe I liked was short a couple of Concentrates so I attempted to Sub a few, worse case scenario it’ll be another learning experience. If my recipes don’t taste right to me I vape them anyway. That’s just how I learn,so as not to make the same mistake again. And no waste of Concentrates. Notes, Notes & more Notes. Really puts your mind to working too, taking 2 Concentrates and trying your best to mix them to where they taste like the one that your missing. I figured out finally, if I like it and it’s palette approved. I hit a home run for myself.


I’ve got a few shelves of experimental juices. My bad is not letting them steep long enough. If by chance I allow them to steep, say 2 mo. And it turns out fantastic, I’ve forgotten how I even made it. Definitely notes, more notes, but I always feel like I will remember…:roll_eyes:

The profile is very close to icing on the flake. I’m gonna try ur crack pie! Got the last ingredient …caramel toffee. So ever use it single flavor?

I didn’t know that. In Germany / German speaking countries all these things based on “burnt” sugar, with or without butter or other things in it goes by the name of Karamel.

dont you use the calculator and save ??

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