Caramel macchiato need recipe

I’m trying to make a good caramel espresso milk recipe and am at a loss on what to use before I order from
1 espresso
2 caramel
3 milk/cream
and whatever else in percentages.
Thanks a bunch dear friends! Craig

Made a search on the recipe side, which is real easy for anyone to do really, and i found 71 recipes on the search espresso milk


i have been enjoying Cappuccino from Flavor Jungle at 2.5% (up to 3%) to get a smooth coffee drink that’s not so dark or bitter. i guess you can also find a similar flavor by FA, depends on how strong you want the final outcome.

the milk base, i would use a mix of Cream Fresh (FA) at 0.5% with Meringue (FA) at 1.0%
Caramel i would use 1.5% to 2% Caramel (FA),
these are the main notes, then i would add in some nice Vanilla (like French Vanilla or even Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (CAP) at around 2% … and maybe 0.5% to 1% of another cream (Milk & Honey? or some Whipped Cream) to tie all things together … then give this at least a week to steep. add sweetener later if i need - don’t think i would.

i’m sure there are many ways to mix this and different variations,this is what i tried hope gives you a starting point.


Firstly, a little off topic, but what I think you mean, when you say Caramel Macchiato is this:


But a macchiato is really this:

Secondly! You can try remix my Smooth Morning Kick - as it is kinda like the starbucks thing:



Funny you mention real vs starbucks, I always used to order caramel macchiatos from SBs in highschool. Imagine my surprise when I first ordered one at a real coffee house!

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that’s so incredible! I can’t believe how helpful this is!

That’s probably the most thorough and complete reply I have ever recieved from any forum since 1996 when I started a BB forum for Quantex computers. You rock!

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