Carbonated concentrate w/o " flavor " added Does this exist?

HI Vapefam !

Does anyone know off hand if a carbonated concentrate exist similar to a Cola w/o the flavoring of cola? I’d like a seltzer but just don’t know what I could use or a sprite would be kinda nice but that’s lemon lime. More on the lines of seltzer.

I’m working on a new flavor that is the little bottled waters by New York Seltzer their Vanilla cream soda is fantastic and at one snif brings me right back to my childhood :wink:

So, any ideas on this I’d love to hear em’.

I hear you can use Cola Syrup (TPA), Cola (FA), Champagne (TPA) or Wine Champagne (FA) for the fizziness - there’s a balance though…

I saw this:

Maybe that’s something to try?

I already use all of those for just that reason, I want a seltzer carbonation feeling w/o flavor. thanks daath !

Maybe I’ll just have to bring up the other flavors a tad to hide the cola taste