Carmelised brown sugar

I love Five Pawns Castle Long but I am not getting the carmelised brown sugar flavor when I mix up any of the clones. I am using Oakwood which is supposed to bring it out. looking for suggestions to get the carmelised flavor that makes this juice so fantastic, everything else seems to be there

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show me your recipe

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i use EWS Castle Long v2 for the most part but have tried 4-5 others also with the same results. i am hesitant to just up the brown sugar for fear of making it too sweet without getting the carmelised taste

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I don’t think the Oak Wood will do that. The initial inclusion of Oak Wood was supposed to help clone the CL Reserve.

Your taste perception is obviously next level. I’ve tried several clones and most have been very good. This is one I found and posted from ECF. To me you can vape it side-by-side with 5P’s juice and not tell the difference. Then again, maybe it’s a blessing I don’t have that finely tuned sense of taste :laughing:

i’ve tried that one also & the one u have (maybe the same) along with a couple others. some say madagascar vanilla & some don’t but there is still something that makes all the clones very different from 5P’'s original or the version IV & V & it’s killing me because i’m addicted to it bad but at $47 cdn it’s a little on the expensive side at 30ml/day.

i do get the brown sugar taste but not the carmelisation

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Well truthfully I haven’t purchased any of the vendor juice in quite some time as the posted recipe is completely satisfying to me. However, I am out and need to mix a batch. I’m going to add some FF Organic Burnt Sugar to a batch and try it. Only thing is I won’t be able to tell you if it fills the blank spot for you, only if it’s good. Weak, I know :slight_smile:

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well thanks for your time & suggestions, i have seen that flavour recently but it is not available here in Canada that i’m aware of

I went ahead and mixed up 60 ml but won’t be able to share my impressions for 3-4 weeks due to the MF flavors. I think it may be nice but time will tell.

Castle Long Clone III

Ingredient %
Acetyl Pyrazine 5% (TPA) 1.5
Brown Sugar Extra (TPA) 1
Coconut (MF) 1
Ethyl Vanillin 10% (TPA) 1
Kentucky Bourbon (TPA) 2.5
Organic Burnt Sugar (NF) 2
Toasted Almond (CAP) 2.5
Vanilla Bourbon (TPA) 1

Flavor total: 12.5%

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looking forward to hearing what u find. i have 500ml mixed & steeping for a month now that i try once a week waiting in anticipation. once again i thank you for your input


the EWS clone that i used this time has a total of 22-23% flavor i believe

Have you tried a hint of caramel? Caramel is basically brown sugar and butter cooked until it caramelizes. Maybe .25-.5%? Not a candy caramel, but a darker one like TFA Original or FLV?


Ooo creme brule has a carmelized brown sugar note unlike an other creme brule. This is all i use it for. Strong too. 0.75% -1% is a high as i would go

Thank you for shearing your carmelised brown sugar. I think is nice flavors.:slight_smile:

I just gave that Castle Long Clone III a taste. That Organic Burnt Sugar is definitely having an effect. By the way, it’s Natures Flavors, not Faeries Finest…typoed that one.

Right now after 2 days it’s hard to know how it will end up. It’s not very Castle Longesque right now, but I can imagine it steeping into something nice. Will keep you posted.

well good to know, what exact Natures Flavors Burnt Brown Sugar was it? I looked & they have a ton of them. was it organic? an extract? concentrate? & it doesn’t seem they ship outside the Continental U.S. by the looks of it. Keep me posted with your results please, curious as to how it turns out

Organic Burnt Sugar

So trying this again today, the Organic Burnt Sugar is not the answer I don’t believe. It changed the overall taste enough to say this makes the recipe less like Castle Long. It’s good though…very enjoyable. Just not a good clone now.

well good to know, thanks for the input. i tried a little Caramel & it wasn’t what it needed. It gave a caramel flavor but not a carmelised note to the brown sugar

I think the combination of the Brown Sugar and Organic Burnt Sugar may be what you’re looking for. However, I doubt at the percentage of the BS I used in my recipe. The OBS may cause you to have to reduce the BS some. Honestly this isn’t a flavor I’m looking for so my test will probably stop here. If you unlock the mystery let me know :slight_smile: