Carolina Vapers Carnival

The Vapers Carnival was pretty cool! Met a bunch of nice people and saw so many cool products. Shout-out to @Beaufort_Batches, @TheTinMan1, and @Whiterose0818. Nice meeting you guys. Hopefully we can do it again next year. Oh, @Beaufort_Batches, getting work on that Tea Milk clone. Lol


I would love to have been there. Maybe next go round. :crossed_fingers:


Dude it was really nice meeting you. Had a blast but vaped my fucking face off today. I walked out of there with 460ml of ejuice. Pretty much all shit except for SadBoy Butter Cookie. Someone asked me to test a strawberry methol that liked to have took my fucking head off.

Big money says the best juice I got was a sample that @Beaufort_Batches gave me. I am saving that for my morning coffee and after giving my tongue a break.


We walked away with about the same. My wife loves sucralose.

I did pick up Respek by Transistor. Its a Maraschino Cherry, Almond, Whipped Cream juice. The star, the Cherry, I was completely surprised by. Tastes just like a Maraschino Cherry. No medicinal taste what so ever. I was quite impressed. Now im off to drive myself crazy trying to figure what they used for the cherry. Lol


Is that particular juice something we non carnival goers can get? I think I’ve tried just about every cherry flavor and not many taste very good at all. Could you provide a link please?