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This statement alone should be enough for you to take a stand…
#No Proof That E-cigarettes Help People Stop Smoking

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On the Consumer Reports page the comments are disabled. That’s about all anyone needs to know.


Story told. Thanks for the alert!

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The comments are working now.

Posted mine.


I went on the consumer reports site and it’s only showing 174 comments. We should have 6x that from here alone.

We need more effort. If you’re not willing to fight than you deserve to lose vaping.

174 comments is bullshit because from my post on Facebook I’m in there more than that says they left comments.


When I go to it, it says “1152 Comments” :smile:


I close the page and opened it again. It still says 174 comments. I added that last comment to see if the number will change but it didn’t. It’s good to know there are a lot more.

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In a word - nefarious.

Posted mine…it says174 comments here

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I just posted a very long winded comment and it looked like mine was showing until I reloaded the page and poof it’s gone. There are 1351 Comments right now. Maybe they need to review my long winded comment before it shows? If that’s the case it will probably not get approved. Not because I was vulgar or rude, but because I told the truth about big pharma and tobacco wanting vaping to go away and the article was clearly trying to help that. I talked about my 45 year plus addiction to the nasty sticks ending the day I took my 1st puff on a real personal vaping device and spoke about how nasty the horrible cigalikes the cited study tested are. I spoke about how I have been free of the devil for over 2 years thanks to vaping. I called attention to how the “approved” cessation methods aren’t effective and how the study by the CEH is faulty.

I Took the time to read the cited study by the CEH and was appalled at the lack of real evidence. They only mentioned the names of tobacco industry cigalikes and said the tested refillable types, but didn’t mention the manufacturers so I assume they used the refillable cartridge types made by big T.

I also did a little research to try to find out how they did the study, what the real results were, and any other information about it and found a decent article with the title Center for Environmental Health pretends to have made a breakthrough discovery about e-cigarettes By Dr Farsalinos who also had trouble finding any real information about the CEH study, but did point out other studies that disproved the claims by the CEH study.