Cassis Flavour?

Been searching for Cassis flavour, with no luck!
Does anyone know where I can source this flavour?

The aperitif, “Creme de cassis”? Or the berry - because isn’t that just blackcurrant? :slightly_smiling:

It is the creme de cassis.
I love the taste of the liquor and would love to find the flavour.

Good question! It’s been years since I’ve tasted it, so I’m having a hard time recalling the taste, other than blackcurrant… Looking online I would try with something like:

3% Blackcurrant (FA)
0.5% Wine Red (FA)
0.5% Brandy (FA)
1.5% Wine Champagne (FA)

Perhaps some sweetener. This is purely a short in the dark :slightly_smiling:


Thanks Daath!
Will need to order some more flavours now! Lol
I found a water solvable concentrate in the form of a paste, but that is as much as I can find!

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