Catalan Cream FA

I have been steeping 10ml of Catalan Cream (on it’s own) for about 10 days now in 50/50 - 60 drops in 10ml. Tasted today and it is quite peppery - nice but fairly strong pepper. Not cinnamon or any other spice I can detect except maybe nutmeg. Any ideas on how to tone it down just a little without diluting the flavour too much?

I’m not familiar with Catalan cream, but according to the notes on this flavor…
“Try varying your voltage for different effects, ranging from creamy to spicy.”
(Click on a flavor in a recipe to go to its mixing recommendations & profile notes)
At first I was thinking it could be your nic - peppery flavor being a symptom of off nic…

Thanks for the reply. I thought about the nic too but don’t have any issues with other flavourings. Must be my taste buds - too low voltage and I don’t taste anything, too high and it’s peppery - not ‘unpleasant’ but quite strong pepper.

Thanks again - Andrew

Do you think ‘Vape Wizard’ might smooth things out?

Seems like you gotta aim for the middle ground with this flavor. You could try a little VW (or TPA Smooth - its the same thing)…just a tad - 1 drop per 10 ml. it does tend to flatten/mute everything in a mix if you use too much so go easy.
Are you wanting to use this flavor for a specific recipe? could a different cream work?
If you’re looking for a bit of spice in a mix thats creamy, you could try using Bavarian and ad cinnamon or nutmeg independently - that way you would have more control over the spice factor.