Catalan cream

I want to make a catalan cream cake recipie with catalan cream as the top note. But can’t decide where to start it at? I love spicy in my bakeries I know that but I don’t want to mute using too much im tired of that shit. And I really want it to be tasted. Is 3% a good spot to start or too high?


Although I’m not 100% sure what “spicy bakeries” are, 3% is pushing into single flavor testing rates. I don’t know what other flavors, or percentages you are using, so it’s hard to dictate any fixed percentage, but you might want to go down to 1.5%-2.0% and see how it plays. If you firm up the other players in the mix, post them up.


Ok cuz I just got another order from British Columbia and now im really freaking out it will change.


Change ?? …


Catalam Cream is good cream to use with Tobaccos , Custards and Fruits …As a top Note im not sure , I would start at 1.5 pct and be very light on other flavors.


Ok I haven’t used it yet im trying to find out as much as I can before I do mabye I won’t try to use it as. A top in a recipie. If it’s not common theres probably a reason for it.
Also I got a ton of new flavours to play with, I was just stuck on it that day…like this “Lotta latte” by one stop diy I got a bit on my hands n thats all I can smell. Have you ever used it?


That’s a good one @ladycrooks.