Cataloging a stone

I hate calling myself a beginner, as I’ve been at it for a couple years, but, my ego aside, I have a dumb beginner question…
I have a couple recipes that I consider “stones”, that I would like to use thusly; freshpies caramel sundae is one, hobbs vape, “old skewl custard”, and I have a 23 flavor vanilla that I just made, inspired by Darthvapor’s “the 18” which is a ridiculous vanilla custard combo that I heard is delicious…
Oh sorry heres the question:
How do I catalogue (or “name”) the stone, both in the massive catalogue here, and in the recipe itself?
I dont want to litter the site with a one-off flavor, or do I?


I searched the forums after posting this and found a topic “one shot questions”, and a reply by “sthrnmixer” who just leaves the “add flavor” as “flavor 1”, and enters the percentage in the recipe, then places down in the notes section a notation of what “flavor one” is.
Seems reasonable.
Is that the best method?


It’s not a beginner question, since I’d bet 90% of beginners don’t use stones (much less, know what they are unless they read the forums a lot). So you can still consider yourself ‘advanced’ (or whatever term makes you smile). chuckles :wink:

As for naming conventions with respect to ELR’s database…

I’ll refer you to the section of my post from 2018:

The preferred options for your situation (as described) would be: (Johnny’s Mix), (stone), (base).

Johnny’s Chocolate (stone)
Chef J’s Ultra Berry (base)

As for the recipe portion, once you have created the above custom flavor entry, it will then be added to your flavor stash.

Anything that’s in your stash can easily be added to a recipe that you create.

As for others using (adapting) your recipe, they’ll also need to search for your unique stone, and add it to their stash. In order to see how to make it, assuming you want them to, you will have to make the recipe (for the stone) public.
Otherwise, they will have whatever recipes you create using that stone, but no clue how to make it.

The other option is to enter the details on how to make the stone into the recipe notes. Every time you make a recipe using that stone.

So you have a few options. :slight_smile:


Here’s one of the ways:

(look under the notes section, for Pro_Vapes post)

There’s also better (cleaner, more refined) ways to do it, that actually lay out a stone in recipe format, but back when PV created his, I don’t think that ability was added by Lars yet.

I know that I’ve seen posts in the forum using the cleaner layout for stones, but at the moment, I can’t recall where/when well enough to provide an example. (Someone should be able to point one of those out to you though.)


Okay so I figured out a way by making a recipe with my stone in it.
My stone is a named flavor in MY recipes, in this case, “vanilla 23! Bomb”, meant to be a flavor on its own.
I wanted to add peanut butter to it, so I started a new recipe with .75 flv peanut butter, 2% SC WF peanut brittle, and 2% TPA peanut butter dx, and then in flavor number 4 I just typed “stone”, and was offered stones already in the database, in this case, “stone~cream base” which I entered, and then made a note about which of my Recipes I used as the stone, also noting that at 30% in the mix, with a 20% flavor% on its own, it was contributing about 6% flavoring to the total flavoring percentage.
Is this good enough or should I read sprksfly’s answer three more times, which he carefully and graciously offered up?


The above thread covers it since you seem to have issues with my attempt to help.

Last tip before I leave this thread: you’re going to need to use the “make one shot/concentrate” button on your recipe before you can create your custom flavor entry.


Make sure you come back and post your recipe. Sound interesting.

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I have since read your reply slowly and with sound mind, and appreciate your comprehensive answer.
I’m comfortable with simply using another’s “stone” entry to fill the line on my recipe, and then placing the said stone in the notes for myself and others to utilize.
Just trying to keep from garbag-ing up the database.
But should I desire putting my stone in the flavor database I will follow your recommendations, though I don’t think it necessary, as I am a one man show vs some sort of business in need of accurate and complete files used by numerous employees/entities.
Thank you for the time you took to answer my question.


Oh trust, I’m expecting a fail but hoping for a happy accident, and doing it on a lark.
I’ve mixed a few recipes with a bit more forethought and research (reading flavor notes etc), and using the “23” as a stone, but should it end up being garbage, also mixed the same thought out recipes with 4-6% LB V.I.C. in lieu of the stone, so the evening and a half of formulating isnt a total washout.
I’ll make it public after a 5 or so week of steeping and proclaim it as either shite or whatever.


I think… if I’m remembering right … Old Skewl Custard is Fresh’s recipe… :slight_smile:


Thankfully, you cast that 510 ego battery aside, but they still work for some types of vape carts, I reckon :wink: