Cataract surgery and vaping

Has anyone had cataract surgery? I had one eye done yesterday and the other eye will be next week. A list of the standard things not to do included smoking. I inquired if vaping was included in that and the answer was… well it’s about the same as smoking… grrr. So here I sit chugging away, in moderation of course :slight_smile: Lately I find that getting old is a bitch. If I didn’t make a living with my eyes I think I’d settle for a blurry world :sunglasses:


I would think it is more the sucking part you can’t do. For many dental surgeries drinking (sucking) from a straw is not allowed either. And now I can’t wait to watch this thread derail. :steam_locomotive: :trainwreck:


I also found these helpful tips after cataract surgery

If at all possible, don’t sneeze or vomit right after surgery.

Be careful walking around after surgery, and don’t bump into doors or other objects.


Though that nitwit says you shouldn’t vape for all the wrong reasons, I have to admit there actually is a reason not to vape after eye surgery. Vaping does dry the eyes and more. Your eyes will need all the moisture they can get to heal. Truth be told, doubt I would stop vaping for that reason however I do think I would do my vaping outdoors till the eyes were healed. Less concentrated vapor to dry you out…

PS, good luck and hope both surgeries are successful…


Well, assuming that you have a great doctor…
My mom had both eyes done a couple years ago, and things are far better in her world for it ever since! I hope that you enjoy the same experience.

Definitely have to agree with “getting old sucks” though… Just got done with a phone call from a friend that I’ve known 30 years, who’s losing his faculties (albeit a slow bit at a time). It was a revisit to an “old sore spot” with us unfortunately.

Ever since one major stroke, he’s been a bit different. And he swears (and fully believes) that he and I were sitting down with a mutual friend (who I’ve known for well over 30 years) at a restaurant having a meal and conversation a couple years ago. But when I told him “I haven’t seen that person in at least 5-7 years…” he got totally bent out of shape, and said I was the one who wasn’t remembering things correctly. When it finally got far enough along, I texted that friend, asking simply “when was the last time we saw each other?” and she confirmed what I told him… (without leading her, or using a baited question mind you) He blew a total gasket, stormed off, and we didn’t talk for awhile.

It’s hard watching a friend go through things like that. Much less not being able to help him with whatever it is that is bothering him (when his only point of reference is to a conversation that never happened in real life.)

Anyways, sorry. It just seemed to fit with the “getting old” statement. Maybe you can use it as a “things could always be worse” kind of thing.
/shrugs and sighs

Again, hope you enjoy great results!


Thanks! Will power is not my strongest trait. I’ve slowed down vaping a bit and going out on the porch plus a lot of eye drops keep the eyes well lubricated. I’ve been dreading this ever since I found out I needed it. Everyone told me it was a piece of cake but for some reason I was still terrified. Now that the first one is finished I have to say the the worst part of the entire experience was the big “X” they put on my forehead with a freakin Sharpie… took forever to wash it off :slight_smile:

And it’s really nice to see things that I thought were blurry and yellowish turn out to be bright white and sharp… and that’s with only one eye done so far.


Good luck with the next surgery and i hope that both turns out to be successful.


Oh great, I can still see white as white and both eyes see without blurriness, you just save me a trip to the doctor for another few years. Good topic.
“I still have a full deck; I just shuffle slower now.”


This may sound weird. Dry Erase markers break down Sharpie. You could try to apply dry erase on top of the next big “X”. Then wash with soap and water. I just did a quick test (back of hand) and it worked. The Sharpie was dry, but did not sit for hours.


Old age, the smoking you did, and sunlight is what causes them. I have “small” ones already forming and I am a photographer and yes it terrifies me. Vape your damn head off and sleep in your recliner!


gettin old Aint for sissies . Just broke 70 May 11,2017 I feel YA! Good Luck:slight_smile:


I defer to your wise-ness, Master. My old age aches and pains are so annoying. I’m pretty sure my dog thinks thinks her name is “Ouch, Dammit Ouch”


I’m maturing well . Its busting thru this adolescents, growing up is hard to do. LOL :sunglasses:


lol gonna do exactly that! All except for the sleep in my recliner part… that requires more rum and cokes than I care to consume right now :slight_smile:


Typically smokers are highly encouraged to quit smoking prior to a major surgery. (An eye is pretty major). The reason for this is because smoking lowers the amount of oxygen in the blood, which aids in correct healing of the parts affected. Since vaping is inhaling and exhaling oxygen, I would not see a problem. As a matter of fact, I just vaped periodically thru a total knee replacement and had no issues. ALWAYS check with your primary medical provider, but I’d be surprised if there are any worries.