CBD, Parkinsons & Fibromyalgia (UK)

A bit off topic but I’m desperate.

Has anyone used CBD isolate in a juice to combat the pain, nausea and general misery of Parkinsons / rheumatoid arthritis / fibromyalgia? Come to that has anyone tried CBD oil for such things?

Some days, my partner is suffering so badly she’s at the “try anything” to get some relief and sleep. Her prescription medecines work for the Parkies tremors but nothing touches the pain in the joints (morphine included).

I’ve spent a day researching CBD. (Big thanks to @Ken_O_Where for his postings in another thread.) I don’t know any trustworthy suppliers in the UK and I can’t even find out if CBD is even legal in the UK. It seems CBD has been, might be classified as a medicine; no-one knows? There are places selling isolate at £70+ /gram but at that price I’d need a very good recommendation from someone. Also, I certainly can’t get it shipped here from the States.

Any thoughts gratefully received!


I believe CBD is legal as it does not contain any THC and can be found in HEMP albeit in small amounts.

A quick search of Google:

I have seen quite a few reputable companys selling CBD liquid but never had it myself, it seems quite expensive.

Have you tried straight up Cannabis?

Another search of Google:

Seems there is a lot of Research on this with some success.

I hope you can find something to help your wife and wish you the best of luck


CBD Brothers has some pretty good concentrate. They used to give out free samples. Im not quite sure if they still do but the prices and products are great.


Dude just get some straight up herb. Preferably an indica if possible. Boil 8g in a stick of butter and boiling water for an hour at least. Strain the herb out, let the mixture cook in the fridge and in a few hours the butter will have solidified and be floating on the top. Use this to make brownies and give one small brownie to your wife as she’s getting into bed. It’ll take at least 30 mins to take effect but will help massively compared to smoking or vaping it. It’s about 4x stronger when ingested. Hit me up if you need any more advice concerning mmj and good luck


Thanks for the help everyone. Really appreciated.

Hi @Grubby. Yes, liquid’s not a problem (well, it can be apparently - no CBD content at all in some vendor’s offerings ) but what I was after was isolate crystals. I may have changed my mind on this though after reading Robin’s link.

No. It’s not a starter. The thing with Parkies is that it is closely interwoven with state of mind. Anything with a psychoactive component is like playing with fire for her. (If I give her a teaspoon of morphine it doesn’t often end well.) For historic reasons she wouldn’t touch it anyway.
Thanks for your good wishes!

Well thank you indeed for that @robin. The comments under their paste are very encouraging. I’ve emailed them. A small glimmer has appeared, flickering, at the end of the tunnel. (Thinks: I wonder if you could add paste to ejuice?) MixedUp2 (Io non sono quello che ero)

I wish! :pensive: Many thanks for the thought though, I’m very grateful. (Strangely, I’m in dire need of a brownie right now; haven’t had one for years.)


At 70/g it might be cheaper to find someone in the US to ship to you. Shoot these guys an email: CBDistillery

They sell a very good, lab tested product and its $30/g. Even if shipping were 20 bucks it would still be cheaper.


Thanks @Ken_O_Where. I checked them out earlier after reading your ELR thread or reddit sub. I got discouraged when there was no shipping option to the UK. Maybe an email would be a Good Idea. Many thanks!

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I’ve tried a couple of bottles of CBD from ‘Canavape’ , I went for the 200/250mg liquids and yeah they were quite expensive, I was trying it for insomnia and back pain and to be honest It didn’t really do anything for me, maybe a little more relaxed but that’s all, that’s not to say it won’t help your other half as her ailments seem a little more serious than mine ever were. I’ve heard good things with CBD but I think a lot of people expect too much from it. The oil on it’s own is VERY expensive but it is available…or at least it was last year. Try it, if it doesn’t work then I’m sure there are other…‘greener’ avenues you can explore. There are some people on this forum that have a lot of knowledge on the subject so keep posting I’m sure they will come forward. good luck and I hope you find something that will help. :+1:


If it is legal for them to ship there i am sure you could work something out. They are really good people and are all about getting medicine to people who need it.

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Thanks @Pugs1970. Yeah, I did look at Canavape early on but I thought their prices were a rip-off - but then what do I know? Sorry the CBD didn’t work for you and thanks for your support and good wishes.:+1:

I’ve seen a couple of UK shops that offer US liquids but not isolate. There was a whole lot of confusion about the legality of CBD late last year, seems the liquids are OK but I’m guessing reputable people are still wary about stocking it in solid form.


^^^^^ That! Saves me all the time during chemo. Indica at night and Sativa during the day. The Sativa is not quite a sedating but still help a lot with anxiety, pain, and nausea. I actually buy edibles already made as it’s easier than making my own. Called medibles here. Cut the brownies into serving size and freeze individually to keep them fresh, just take out as needed. Lasts 6-10 hours when ingested vs smoking or vaping. They also have tinctures or oil here that you put a dropper under the tongue as long as you can stand it, then swallow. That is also a form of edible.


Another day, another session with Google.
Just to clear my mind and help anyone else in the UK I have now found this link MHRA statement on products containing Cannabidiol (CBD) saying CBD products are a medicine so import/sale without a licence is liable to prosecution. This link Cannabis confusion – the legality of medicinal CBD in the UK shows what a mess the legal situation is.

begin rant I feel so helpless at situations like this. Sure the MHRA has to do it’s best to stop dangerous medical practices but it generally fails in doing so and succeeds brilliantly in creating confusion. (They did do better than most countries’ health regulators with vaping/nic regulation though.) Basically, I want to poke them with a sharp stick and ask what they would do if their mate was doubled up in agony for two days 'cos no prescription medication works. I don’t think anyone has actually been harmed by CBD yet (maybe wrong there?) so why regulate prematurely? 'Nuff said. end rant

To end on a positive note, she, herself, is up and about again. Washed out but moving; today is a Good Day. Thanks again to everyone for your help and support. Really, seriously appreciated.


Really good to hear. Sending positive wishes your way :blush:


Thanks so much @Lolly ! :smiley:


Hi MixedUp,

I am also suffering from Fibro/RA & although I have not tried CBD isolate, i smoke cannabis for my symptoms & it helps but not enough at medicinal doses. Gotta get really baked to get acceptable relief, not good cause it makes me not want to do anything but sit around. I was an all day everyday stoner for 25+ years but when my fibromyalgia symptoms came about, it sapped me of my energy so being stoned all day was no longer an option.

I found kratom leaf & it was the answer to my prayers! It helps me feel normal & gives me the energy to be active for a good portion of the day. Unfortunately, I think it is banned in the U.K. & the dirty bastards at the DEA here in the land of the “free” tried to do a slick ban from under our noses. But the people stood up & let their voices be heard & the DEA tucked its tail & lifted the ban, for now.

There are some powders that bodybuilders use that help (check out the fibro forums) but unfortunately nothing works as well as kratom :frowning:

Good luck to you mate, I know the hell of living with fibro & RA, can’t imagine adding Parkinson’s to that mix. Please keep us updated on your search for relief. I might be trying out some CBD vapes in the near future, pretty broke right no lol but I’ll definitely pop back on this thread to share my results.


If anyone can recommend effective & affordable CBD liquid that can be ordered online please share. I’m in CA but don’t really want to pay for a cannabis rec unless I have to.


My daughter has RA and chucks CBD clouds like the Steam Gods and swears by it.


Hi @eL12,

Thanks very much for that very interesting info. and for your good wishes. Very much appreciated.
Also let me say how sorry I am to hear of your struggles esp. with fibromyalgia. What a pig it is! My partner is an “up and at it” person but it completely destroys her.
I’d never heard of kratom leaf; it is legal over here apparently :grinning: so I’ve fired off an email to a company that sells powder and tea bags. What it would be to have some sort of relief available when F or RA strike I can’t tell you. (Parkinson’s is a horrible disease, we knew it would be bad because of the tremors but the way it messes with her mind was a real shock.)

By the bye, I saw liquid CBD on the shelf at a local shop. I didn’t have time to ask about it but at £16 for a minute bottle I thought it could stay there until I could find out a bit more about what was in it!

Thanks again, I’m really interested to find out how you get on with CBD - and very good luck with your hunt for some online.

PS: DEA - hmm - yeah, sounds par for the course. We here won’t be able to buy nic in a couple of months - not litres of it at 72mg anyway. Grrrr!!!


That’s really good to hear that kratom is still legal in the UK! Thought they lumped it in with their recent blanket ban on psychoactives that they had proposed. Sorry, I’m not up on U.K. Laws :frowning:

Kratom is basically an opiod but a very mild one. Can be habit forming & loses effectiveness, of course with daily use, so it’s good to abstain for short periods to keep tolerance in check. But it’s really hard to take days off when you’re feeling like crap all day, everyday.

I have a good feeling that kratom will make your missus’s life a lot less miserable. It sure did with mine.

Please keep us updated, maybe there are others reading this that are suffering from pain that can also be helped by this wonderful power plant :slight_smile:

Don’t apologise for not being up on UK Laws!! They’re a nightmare - at least it seems that way to me ie. a total outsider.

I got a real quick reply to my email enquiry; they recommended Maeng Da Kratom for pain relief + energy and Bali Kratom for strong pain relief (we like the sound of that). Plus they gave details of how to prepare tea and juice/yogurt etc. (That’s juice, not ejuice.) I liked their attitude and straightforwardness so I have ordered 25g of each. Sadly it has to come from Germany so the postage is high but comes to about £0.50p / g all in. I guess with the current abysmal exchange rate that’s about 51cents/g.

Thanks for the opioid warning. My plan is to try kratom myself before giving any to my partner as I am a little concerned about the psychoactive effects. (Neither of us are used to anything but nicotine and prescribed medication - so if I start climbing the walls I’ll think again!)

I’ll report back as soon as!


Just a quick update.
CBD: @robin gets a big hug. I contacted CBDBrothers.com for advice. They said:

im afraid were unable to offer advise after being told by the MHRA that we have been too helpful

They are a terrific company. Short of being able to give any medical advice they seem to really take care of you.
I ordered CBD paste. They do a Blue version (25% CBD) which was out of stock and a Purple version (16% CBD) which I ordered. £10.45 + £5.95 UK tracked shipping = £16.50 / 1g. Arrived next day.
I tried a rice grain sized dose under my tongue after mowing the lawn. 10mins later my rheumatism melted away accompanied by a generally relaxed feeling. My partner has tried it twice. Each time the stiffness/aches relax and she sleeps like a baby. Really amazing. As I type, she is delivering macarons to the neighbours. Unbelievable.

Kratom Leaf. @eL12 gets a hug for this. I ordered 25g each of Maeng Da and Bali Kratom powder from kratom.co.uk. They also replied quickly to my email and suggested MD for pain relief + energy and BK for strong pain relief. Cost was 2 x £8.99 + £7.99 shipping = £25.97 / 50g. Arrived next day. My partner, being Chinese and used to boiling weird stuff up, got at it immediately. 2g of Maeng Da, 1.5 cups of water, boil for 15mins, strain, drink. Reports of shoulder and neck pains easing + ability to get about a bit. Not bad! The BK remains to be tried.

The effects of the CBD paste are so good that I am currently trying hard to get some CBD isolate to add to a vape. UK prices are ridiculous; it would be cheaper to have it shipped from the US even though the shipping costs more than a gram of isolate. CBDistillery specifically don’t ship outside US but Phytodabs look a possibility;they emailed that they do ship isolate to the UK but my attempts to checkout some isolate on their site failed. I think I have to sign a waiver and provide some Photo ID.