CBD Vape Juice Recipe Help

Does anyone have experience mixing CBD Isolate & Terpenes with DIY Vape?

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Use the search function. :+1:



I’m not all that experienced but one thing I learned is, it has to be at least 40% PG or the isolate will not stay dissolved. The CBD vape I make is 55VG 45PG. @Ken_O_Where is very knowledgeable.

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Thank you, thats great info for me to start. Do you dissolve into PG with heat first? Also, do you have an public recipes I can browse?

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I use a 10 mil bottle. First I add 1 gram of isolate, then 9 grams of PG, then I put this bottle into warm water to sit a little, then shake it, then warm, shake repeat until it’s all dissolved.

For vaping I use this recipe.

But I do the math in my head of 2 grams of the isolate in PG and 11.53 grams of regular PG. That gives me about 6.5mg CBD / mil of juice. My tanks are 3.5 mils so one tank is 22.5mg CBD which is good for me as a daily dose.

I also make an oral tincture using the whole gram of isolate in PG, topping off to the 13.52 gms with regular PG. I keep the PG/VG ratio at 45/55 with what ever flavoring I’m in the mood for. In that case 30 drops are about 25 mg. It’s much more effective to do the drops under the tongue but I like the vape if I’m also having a stressful day.


Thats awesome thanks for sharing. So yea, I think your first recipe has 1450mg of CBD isolate per 30ml.
Also, do you feel like 1.5% total flavoring is adequate? I use Flavorah and usually stick to like 4% total flavoring.

As far as tincture goes, I also want to make one of these, but I never heard of PG being using in a tincture, I heard MCT oil is best.

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No, it’s 200mg/30 ml which is 6.666667 mg/ml I was giving a rough estimate.

For the Real Flavors SC Peach, yes 1.5% is perfect for me but other people may want more or less. Other flavors will each have their sweet spot.

PG is used in foods as a flavor carrier and since I already have the PG, VG and flavors, I just use what I have. MCT might be better in a lot of ways but I don’t have any on hand. The most knowledgeable person, who probably knows all the varieties and methods might be @Ken_O_Where. He’s the one who encouraged me to try the isolate. He also sometimes drinks his vape juice. :smiley:

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Only if it’s a Custard j/k


haha wow… Thank you ill hit him up. Ill have to check out Real Flavors… They are more potent than Flavorah?

If you want to make a homemade juice, this https://cannasos.com/news/recipes/homemade-cannabis-e-juice can be helpfull.

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