Cell repeater or not

ATT has managed to screw me over yet again and I’m not even a cell customer of theirs.

Does anyone out there in Vapeland have any experience using a cell signal repeater (and no not one of those 300 to OMG I don’t believe people would pay that) ones. I see a lot of them on the internet for around a hundred bucks. ATT lost a tower in my area and is not going to do anything about it and now I barely get service in one or two little areas in my home.

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Wifi 10char

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Wifey’s phone doesn’t support it and waiting for return info from Nokia about mine.

What no smart phone! :astonished:
There are apps for android

One Moto g (wife’s)
One Nokia Windows phone
Myself I know slightly less than nothing about wifi Calling so I’m going on what they guy at our cell company said we have Consumer Cellular and while the price is great it does have it’s challenges

I don’t know what to tell you, windows phones have never really caught on and, I’m not sure how old the motto g is.
And I have never heard of your carrier

Sounds like your options are, new phones, or micro cell.


Most of the ones I’ve come across require high speed internet, because they don’t really repeat, or boost anything. They create an artificial mobile bubble where you can make calls, and will see more bars, it just sends your cellular over your own internet.

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The only RF repeater I tried was a paper weight. That was enough for me. My house is in an RF dead zone. Finally got a Samsung with the VOIP option. First time I could really use a cell phone in the home.


Hi i have this https://www.amazon.ca/Wilson-Electronics-463105-Office-Signal/dp/B0014KOB6Y/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1500807105&sr=8-3&keywords=wilson+phone+booster

Not cheap but does what it says

It might be more than you want to spend, but Zboost makes a great product. I have deployed these all over my jobsite where cellular signal is weak with good success.

The trick with these devices, is that you have to put your receiver antenna in a high location that gets a good signal. Otherwise the booster repeats a weak signal and you won’t see much improvement. You also want to place the device in a central location in the home in order to maximize the coverage throughout your house.

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