Central vapor

So im new to mixing. I bought a bunch of concentrates from central vapors but not sure what percent i should be using. No matter what i try it always tastes waxy. Any advice would be much appreciated.


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If you fill in your flavour stash on the main site then you will see recommended percentages for what you have.

Check out the guide on how to use ELR here…


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Welcome to ELR @Eurout40, and as @Ianc13 we need much more info to be able to help you. Even better, how about sharing the recipes, that aren’t working out.


I started with central vapors flavors too. They‘re not the easiest start for mixing and not very popular in the DIY.
I tried something with around 10-13% at that time and results were not good.

I would recommend to consider the approach of finding some recipes you like from a flavor profile and buying directly the flavors used in that recipe. If they are published before 2018 I would reduce the total flavor percentages down since modern gear needs just less flavor.


Welcome! Those concentrates are made to be one shots really. I’d start low with 10 ml samples and work your way up. Here’s a starting point. This example- you get 3 30 ml bottles of concentrate. It says that’ll make 200mls of eliquid. You can play around with the math. This is a kit you can buy to make coconut caramel custard.


Or search the ELR database- type in Central Vapors and choose a concentrate you have. I just checked Blueberry and the person used 3.5% in a mix…but bottom line is your taste. So single flavor testing and that way you can get a feel on how much or little of the flavor you need for your personal taste.


So i started at 10% on a couple of different flavors and have worked up little by little to 30% all with the same lack of taste. I tried changing from a 50/50 pg/vg mix to 70/30 with no good results. I recently bought some flavors fromanother vape store and at 8% on a 70/30 mix (no nic in anything) ive had good results. So im wondering if im doing something else wrong when mixing thier flavors?


If your not getting better flavor by going up in percentage try going down from 10%. Too much flavor has a tendency to mute. Try starting at 6% then 7-8-9. Make no more than 10ml for the tests.


Central Vapor outsources their flavorings, like many other vendors do, and most likely relabels the bottles. You may want to make sure of the actual brand/mfr you have before looking at percentages. Short of that you can always sit down and start your SFT process.