Ceramic Coils vs Cotton

I stumbled onto this entire concept by accident. At first I was very intrigued, then concerned…and now I am just…confused.

As I do not trust Google anymore for unbiased search returns and I know for a fact they throttle and censor data, sometimes finding out information new or not widely distributed items can be tricky for me if I don’t use Google.

OK…so I was just thinking outside the box and wondering what other options there are to vaping besides using pre-made coils, rebuildable deck & drip, the new RDTA systems with hybridized tank/RDA technology and so on.

I heard about ceramic coils. I ended up stumbling into some pretty heated discussion on the topic which seems to be centered around an item called “Target 75VTC” and its ceramic coil which boasts amazing flavor and cool vapor.
Now…on one site in particular there was a quote responding to allegations that ceramic coils leech Magnesium Oxide into the juice (as well as another harmful chemical, as yet unnamed).

It was one particular part of this response that concerned me and sent me running here, though.

The quote is: "The tank combines the BVC structure with a ceramic core to address the concerns of toxic chemicals coming from burnt cotton…"

OK. As I am still sort of new to vaping, I have really been trying to spend time researching this thing I now love to do so much, and I do it all day long (Vaping :smiling_imp:). Now, as I said, I no longer consider Google responses unquestioningly, unfailingly valid, as Google monitors your patterns and gives returns on queries based on what their advertisers (their bosses) THINK you should see, rather than an objective return of information based on your specific search. I have it on good authority that they have teams of people working with these crazy algorithms predicting key words and phrases in your searches, effectively allowing them to “steer” you to places where they can ultimately sell you things. You may think you randomly, inexplicably ended up at XYZ Retail outlet where you see an item you never knew you wanted but now cannot live without. You were led there. That’s not our main point here, however…and no I do not wear a tinfoil hat on my head to block out radio signals.

Anyway…does anyone know if there are any respectable studies posted on this burnt cotton=toxic chemicals? I am not so delusional as to think that you can super heat and burn cotton as well as some of the things in your juice without their being some breakdown and release of toxic nano particles.

My question is how much and how dangerous? I will continue looking around today and see what I can find. Wish me luck!


Any burning organic matter in a low oxygen environment is going to produce some dangerous fumes (incomplete oxidation). I believe that we are talking at least two orders of magnitude less than a combustible cigarette, but I guess that also depends on how often and how much you burn your cotton. At any rate, it’s not something that concerns me, especially when running TC.

after more research turns out that the “scary chemical” they are referring to from the ceramics is Magnesium Oxide…which we all ingest when we take antacid…

Something is suddenly feeling shady about all this info…like a sack-job.

When I know more I’ll come back with a full report

Thanks for that info btw Z!

There’s a lot of propaganda out there. The Vapresso was fully tested and it was deemed safe. Perhaps someone else can remember the company that tested it but it was a major company in the Vape industry. Truth be told I do not care for the Vapresso for other reasons, not the ceramic in the coil…

I don’t like what it did to the flavor of my liquid. It didn’t taste burned, it tasted acidic and metallic to me and hurt my lungs.

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To me this sounds like intentionally misleading “information”. As noted above, they were explicitly vague (a term I reserve for intentionally vague statements) about the “dangerous chemicals”. Whenever I hear a wording like that, my bullshit spidy sense tingles. They’re not calling names, they just try to scare you with the unknown.
If I read the above correctly, then it says they developed ceramic coils to avoid the dangers (err ma gerrd!) of cotton wicks. The thing is, cotton doesn’t get burnt in our atomizers… a little scorched, at most. That might release harmful fumes, as @zIgz pointed out. Buuuut… there are vapers out there who don’t enjoy burnt hits or are so good at building and caring for their coils that they have almost forgotten what a dry hit even tastes like. You know, like most skilled vapers? …
Anyway, there are other benefits they could be talking more about, that’s why I find their plump scary act rather pathetic. Ceramic coils can be cleaned easily and won’t produce so much long-term costs. And they taste great, no cotton effect - same thing you can have with mesh wicks.

Keep in mind though that I never used any of those fancy new ceramic heads. I’m just sitting here, sipping on my Origen 2 with mesh wicks and having a good time. :wink:
Hope I could clear things up a little with my 2 cents!

I agree with you.

This is the kind of thing where I am going to have to quietly watch and wait…as the truth will eventually come out. Too much misinformation and vagueries around for me to know which is what.

Oh yeah…I said “vaguery”…'tis my word now.

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The did not work for me at all.

I saw these today… anyone try this yet?


My wife loves here Vaporesso ceramic coils, and my neighbor loves whatever brand of ceramic coils he uses. I was quite intrigued by them - until I tried my wife’s Vaporesso. I’m not very impressed at all. My opinion here is a bit lopsided in experience, but my TFV4 Quad Claptons kick the shit out of her Vaporesso coils in clouds, flavor, and vaping experience. I would never buy one.

@UncleTopher There seems to be a huge misconception that vaping is not bad for you… Some even think it is good for you!

It is better for you to vape then smoke but it is not better than breathing clean fresh oxygen

Worrying about chemicals given off by vaping is a little daft imo your inhaling something that is not oxygen into organs that only require oxygen.

Im sure we are all inhaling small amounts of metal / cotton / chemical everytime we vape but compared to what we were inhaling from cigarettes i think we can safely say we are much better off.

Feel free to correct me if im wrong here guys & gals

Nope, the truth is we just don’t know…

But I did find out something from my dentist. Vapor causes the plaques on your teeth when you get your teeth cleaned to be harder and dryer than it’s alter-ego inhalant Virginia weed.

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After 23 years of smoking, and 7 years of vaping, my dental hygienist said the exact opposite.

Wow, it was my Hygenist with a Vaping Husband who told me she is seeing this rather frequently. She said it comes off easier though… more brittle.

Maybe I’m just lucky. Granted, my hygienist is much older since she started treating me. Maybe she’s going blind? :slight_smile:

But then again, your comment about “comes off easier though” may be the clincher. Perhaps my hygienist didn’t notice the other points, just that my teeth are easier to clean.

They used that sonic water pick on mine, it did go faster.

Sorry to quibble, but as with anything, it’s about managing risk. If someone said you get great flavor off a mercury lead alloy, I sure as *&^% ain’t gonna vape that. I mean, you can’t say vaping anything is better than smoking. Also, ironically, breathing pure oxygen can be deadly.

And on the dental hygienist tip, mine has a vaping son, and she has had nothing but positive things to say about it’s affect on my teeth compared to when I still smoked, tho she is pretty skeptical about unknown long term health risks. But no tar, no carbon monoxide, orders of magnitude lower levels of other toxins… I’d feel safer vaping in the woods than any day breathing regular Dallas air. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and I meant to reply to the original topic: I’ve been giving the ceramic coil that came with the Protank4 a good run, and it has lasted a loooong time and is still going. It’s a bit slow to heat up on the front end, but the flavor has been on par with my stainless steel and japanese organic cotton rebuildables. :slight_smile:

Interesting. Sounds like someone wanted to come up with something sensational for an article. Anything can sound really bad if you phrase it right. Kinda like “Dihydrogen monoxide is an extremely dangerous substance! People all over the world die because of it every day!” :joy:

As far as ceramic vs cotton goes, I will say this about ceramic–the flavor is fine compared to premade cotton coils, breaking them in is faster than with cotton, and they do seem to last longer. But (and I’ve only tried one type, so take this with a grain of salt) they leak like a bitch. For some reason if the tank is any lower than half full they flood to the point where I can turn the tank upside down and juice comes dripping out the tip. I definitely won’t be buying them again.

Your right I can’t say that and yeah you don’t want to do that :wink:

Common sense practices will keep you safe when vaping but let’s not allow the misconception that vaping is a “healthy alternative”, it’s a better alternative to smoking and nothing more.

I’m sure when people stop smoking they are not thinking, “I’ll stop smoking because I want to inhale some Vapor instead” we give up because we want to give our lungs as much of a break as possible, they need time to repair, we want to be healthy, we want to live.

Quitting vaping should be your next step imo

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I don’t know much about cotton. I only know something about ceramic.

There’re so many types of ceramics in the world. Different ingredients makes different ceramics which has different features. I don’t know how other vendors do, below are something we do to make sure the ceramic coil is safe and works well(I worked in a ceramic factory):

  1. Use patented ceramic formula for high temperature sintering, to create porous but high hardness ceramic, avoid particles on surface of ceramic and fragility. (There’s a conflict between pore and hardness. Low temperature sintering create more pores which help absorbing and reserving e-liquid, but low hardness. It’s so fragile that we can find powders on it and very easy to be broken into pieces. While High temperature sintering create high hardness, but no pores. Please imagine any china cup, plate, bottle.)
  2. 1000C(1832F) above sintering and cooling(ceramic & 316L stainless steel coil moulded, sintered and cooled together), left enough tiny space between ceramic and coil. The particles appeared when cooling is clean away in water by ultrasound. The ejuice vaporizing temperature is around 300C(572F), much lower than the sintering temperature. So there’s seldom particles while heating and cooling.
  3. Patented nanometer layer on the surface of the ceramic, only allow vapor but particle to pass. This layer not only prevent ejuice from leakage, but also prevent particles from inhaling. The vapor is designed to pass through the layer first and then flow into the air tube. The diameter of particle is around 30~40um, while the diameter of the pore of the nano-layer is just around 8nm, 1/3000 smaller than the particles.

I do believe that there would be kinds of ceramic coils that are safe. Hope my above comments can ease the worry/fear about ceramic coil safety.

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