Chai Tea (TFA)

I’m attempting to make a favorite drink of mine from Starbucks’. Vanilla chai tea made with soy milk with whipped cream on top. Does anyone have any suggestions for the Chai tea flavoring?

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I use a recipe that I make a Chai Tea from This is where you can find the recipe.!
Perhaps you could use this as a starting point.

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I’ve been using this recipe, subbing Masala Chai SC(RF) at 2.5% for the TFA version. The Masala Chai is a more “robust”(For lack of a better word ATM) chai. So. GOOD.

EDIT: forgot to link the recipe. D’oh!

BEB, going to go get some more coffee because, well…MOAR COFFEE!!!


That sounds tasty!

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what a grat thread id love to vape a good vanilla chai tea


Real Flavors makes Masala Chai. I’d like a Dirty Chai (Starbucks) which would just be an espresso shot added to a Chai Tea. The Masala Chai had alot of initial spice


I picked up the Masala Chai after reading the flavor review on /r/DIY-eJuice. (If you haven’t checked out the flavor review directory over there, give it a whirl-it’s pretty extensive!) I’d alfready tried the TFA version, and while good it just left me wanting a little more spice. Enter RF’s version. YUM.


I love Chai but one of the manufacturers safety sheet has it classified a flammable so they charge you an extra $5.00 to ship it because UPS is the only carrier allowed to move it.

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i have a chai tea and decided to use OOO Thai Tea over the others. TFA Chai is ok. OOO is weaker yet better imo.

Decaf Black Chai Tea V2

Ingredient %
Black Tea Deluxe (TPA) 5
Cream Fresh (FA) 1.68
Thai Tea (OOO) 8.5

Flavor total: 15.18%

Remember to rate it at!

just an idea

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Thai chai by flavorah has excellent flavor add some milk and honey and sweetener and you should like it!