Champagne (LA) Sparkling Wine Recipes

Good Day to my ELR Friends!

I’m in a flavor rut and need to try something new. I bought LA Champagne for fun. I see there are 69 private recipes out there and was wondering if anyone would share any thoughts on this flavoring or how they use it?

My plan was to test it obviously but I would simply love to hear anyone’s experience with it where they absolutely love the results.

Thanks to anyone who responds with suggestions!


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Have you tried the flavour art version?

I see a lot of folks using the FA version in simple fruit mixes. Works well with Fuji FA.


How about Champagne, Sweet Strawberry and a touch of Dragonfruit?

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Champange and cola was my first diy lol
A 2 flavour mix with no sweetener just 2 flavours and it was very nice, if you like the taste of cola

I used 7% cola
3 % champagne to get a little sparkle
And i didnt even steep it … Shake n vape, just like shake and vac :slight_smile:

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That’s really helpful! It’s the percentage of it I’m having a bit of trouble trying to start as a base. I opened the bottle and WOW it does smell like champagne!

Watching this as I have Champagne (TPA) and have yet to use it.

I just mixed a couple of recipes with it. It’s very thick and sweet. I’m going to prime a coil and test it…

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I’m getting a super sweet and thick thing from this stuff…does taste like champagne. I’m thinking it will get better with age… I’m wondering if Vanilla would be good alone with this?

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Got some of that also…look forward to hearing your taste notes…I think it would be awesome with fruits…Also wondering if it will give you a bubbly kinda sensation in the vape

I’m not getting a bubbly thing, but I can see where the mouth feel could be interpreted as “sort of a mouth filling effect” like a soda does? I am getting a strong champagne taste, very very sweet. (It’s so sweet it could actually be used as a really nice sweetener) I just made it a few hours ago so obviously it will be a tad harsh until the chemicals and alcohol gas off a bit… (which for me is usually overnight with the lid off) but I am vaping it and liking it. I mixed it with Strawberry Ripe, Lemon Sicily and Pear. It’s a bright refreshing mixture. I’m using 8% in the mix right now but I’m going to knock that down to 6% to knock down some of this sweetness. It’s nice stuff!

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