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Chance Ammirita Juul

Saw a thread regarding the collapsed lung of a teen who used juul. I guess it was deleted? I skimmed the thread and someone mentioned a pre existing health condition he had? People are posting this shit and I would like to be able to dispute the claims. Thank you


The white-coats all universally insisted that my brain collapsed as a result of huffing Limburger fumes - thus, not much thinking was involved when I conceded to a strict Provolone diet. Really, it’s a no-brainer, folks! :thinking:



Ho hum;
The DailyMail published a horror story about 18-year-old Chance Ammirata and his experience with the Juul, a popular vaping device.

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The British tabloid did delete the 2013 story, but only because they were forced to admit it was not true.


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re: https://www.snopes.com/?s=DailyMail


The Daily Mail is roughly the UK equivalent of the US’s National Enquirer… (worthless unless you read it strictly from a Mad Magazine standpoint.) :wink:


The best scapegoats are the ones that cannot sue the Daily Mail for character defamation (ie, molecules).

(Daily Mail 2011, retracted): One cannabis joint ‘can bring on schizophrenia’ as well as damaging memory

(2012): Daily Mail Wins Worst Science Article Prize

(2017): Wikipedia bans Daily Mail as “unreliable source”


he ‘bleb’ in his lung that popped was already a pre-existing condition. Blebs are a mutation of the lung and often hereditary. As Dr. Hawkes outlines, the bleb can be ruptured by rapid inhalation, causing a collapsed lung. Ultimately, putting the blame on the Juul for the collapsed lung seems to be intentionally deceitful when the true cause was rapid inhalation. Could Chance’s viral social media campaign against the Juul be based on misinformation and distortion of the facts? Absolutely.

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… a repentant JUUL smoker with an injury is too tempting to ignore even if the science is a bit off.

From: “JUUL Blamed For Collapsed Lung”;
Chuck Dinerstein, American Council on Science and Health, Aug 14, 2019


That science guy thinks that juuls are combustion devices? Weird.