Change in taste perception

I vape a lot of Sugar Rush which has some light graham notes in it. I also vape quite a bit of Subliminal which is an anise/absinthe/custard/peach/pear mix. If i vape a bit of Subliminal and then go back to Sugar Rush the graham is much much more prevalent to the point that it is about the only thing i taste for a bit.

What strangeness in your perception of flavors have you noticed while vaping?


Hmmm. That’s a good idea that I should try. I don’t try air of side by side vapes. I have my drive to and home vape, my while I’m at work vape, and my at home.

The nearest side by side flavor vaping I do is switch flavors. Anise FA kills a lot of flavors. So does many other spices like Cardemon and pepper FA.


After having a coffee - coconut tastes a little stronger in my mutiny mix or maybe it is that the chocolate is weaker but none the less it is a bit strange


I find that some things make my Mt. Dew taste better.


While I love a good creamy fruity vape sometimes I feel like chocolate and so I grab a chocolate vape these are always super thick and rich and have an outstanding mouthfeel and smell… it’s doubly pleasing to the senses taste and smell . Then I go back to my usual SBs n Cream mix and it’s super creamy and I taste the SBs alot more vibrantly than prior suppose this is the case w/ a lot of stuff we vape our tongues just get used to the flavor we take a break and it’s like new all over again !

I do know what you mean as far as the juice changing as you vape it. I actually love my first vape of the morning for this very reason it’s the most flavorful of all.


This was my thought as well. Perhaps the anise is masking the lighter creams in Sugar Rush making the graham more pronounced. Makes me question some of my flavor testing, well at least it makes me consider altering it a bit.

@woftam that looks fantastic.


Cheers Ken it is one of my favourites - i am thinking of doing a variation with spiced coconut rum (love the scr)


Haven’t had the “anise” factor in as I don’t vape it, BUT, always get stuck with the vapor tongue after vaping my favorite heavy creams/custards. Have to change up to light fruits for a bit, THEN, back to the C/C binge. :slight_smile: I guess the strangest part about it, as it doesn’t seem to be as obvious as it happens, slows creeps up …


I find with anise, it can completment flavors really well like how it twists strawberry but oddly struggles with blueberry. Yet the opposite happens with cardemon where it compliments blueberry but just pukes all over strawberry.


I tend to vape a LOT of bakery flavors that are cinnamon-heavy and found that if I take a few pulls of a fairly “bright” fruit flavor(No creams, just straight up fruit, and the more tart, the better) I can actually taste the nuances within my bakeries. The dough, the icing(if any) and whatever else there is hiding in a cloud of cinnamony goodness.


I was talking about this the other day, and to the best of my knowledge I’m the only person this happens with. I find that after a few days of vaping any mix with a prominent custard/vanilla cream profile, it starts to taste strongly of sage stuffing and tomato flavours chips/crisps. A prime example of this is Mothers unicorn milk recipe for sage, and Mr meringue by charlies chalk dust for tomato. If I switch juice for a day or two, it resets, and when going back to the problem juice takes a few days to become sage/tomato again.

If i have a coffee and take a toot the flavors in that liquid are enhanced and taste a lot stronger. The same thing after i have brushed my teeth.

Not sure what happens if i have tea but i imagine a similar experience will occur.

I’m sure if someone vape a mint, menthol, koolada or something like that would feel the next flavor tastes a lot stronger since those flavors mentioned kinda makes a reset of your tastebuds so to speak.

Interesting topic to say the least and and i am curious on what others have to say in the matter.

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I always have a custard/dessert vape running parralel with a fruity vape on different mods and a menthol on the side, they all taste better if I rotate :ok_hand:

Huge change! I think it is probably just acclimating to vaping. Vaping now for only three months. At first I vaped mildly sweet flavors and citrus flavors. Right now I’m not enjoying much of anything. Can’t vape anything sweet for more than a few draws and the after taste becomes obnoxious. Citrus has become too intense. I have just a couple of dry (as in vs sweet) strawberry based vapes that I can do for any length of time and they will fall pray to vaper’s tongue within a couple of hours. At this moment in time, I have no vapes that I am crazy about. It’s a little daunting but I’m confident I will get through this.

You could try alcoholic drink style vapes bourbons/rum etch tend to take the sweet out the vape someone had a gin flavour that was mentioned - tea’s and tobacco can also help. You could also have a topper full of unflavoured vg/pg/nic to help you through.

Good luck


Weird! I occasionally get off flavors that are super far out there like that. But never tomato and sage!

Thanks @woftam. I’ll get through it for sure. It kinda makes diy essential as most counter flavors are full of sweetener. I’m going to start doing micro batch testing with all kinds of fruits and no sweeteners and see where that goes. If nothing else it should give me plenty of practice replacing the cotton in my drippers, lol.

I would fully agree about the koolada/menthol, and brushing my teeth, especially with sweet pastry flavours. However, I find my morning coffee doesn’t really enhance flavour, it definitely alters it, sometimes for the better. I really like lemon (meringue) tart mixes, with the slight bitterness of an actual cup of coffee.

Hmm. Most of what I vape regularly has some form of peppermint and anise in it. I would say sometimes it makes vaping flavors without mint or koolada taste stronger, but not always. I have noticed that eating or drinking after vaping with pm/an, it seems to bring out more flavors in food or drink (especially citrus).

I assume the minty bit just cleanses your palette?