Changing default values

I recently changed the nicotine strength I use and for some reason cannot figure out how to change it in my settings. Can someone remind me how to change my prefered nicotine strength. Example I was using 48mg per mil Nic and now I’m using 100mg per mil and when I adapt or create a recipe I’d like that to automatically be the strength.


When creating a recipe or modifying it, click 100 mg for nic strength, then set it as a base value (on bottom of pic.)
As far as i know, you have to manually change each existing recipe to the nic strength you are currently using.


If you set up your “preferred default” values, anything you adapt will automatically try and use your defaults. Unless someone has a mix (using more flavoring) with numbers higher than your ratio allows!

EG: your preferred mix is 80vg, but they used a total of 21% flavoring.

In cases where you get an error message (“something is wrong with the numbers”) simply tick the “max VG” box. It will automatically adjust, but make sure you look at how far off the numbers are, especially in cases where PG sensitivity! :wink: