Chargers and Batteries

Post about all your batteries and chargers here!

nobody posted here! I want a wall charger to go with my 25r what is the safest and best wall charger as of now? Thanks !

I use a Nitecore Intelicharge i2 for mine.

Auto senses battery composition, multi battery compatible 18650, 18500, 18350 26650 etc

Doesn’t display mah or voltage but it’s cheap and works really well.

Stops charging when full.

The Nitecore D2 and D4 have display LCD’s on them that show additional info like mah and voltage.


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That’s what I ended up getting. Thanks forgot I had posted here.

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How 'bout keeping battery topics in the Battery and Chargers thread, no? Si?

In case you need to know, Mooch just warned that fake 25Rs are now in the market. Who would have thunked it with all the new great batteries out, now?

Should I Trash these or not. The wrap is ok. Thank for the feedback.

I can’t believe nobody has answered you all this time :astonished: This one flew under the radar for me too, otherwise I would’ve said immediately to recycle those damaged batteries and get a new pair.

Tiny scratches from rubbing metal to metal are OK, but any real damage to your battery => stop using it. And even if that battery wasn’t dented, I’d advise you to rewrap that battery because the plastic sleeve is damaged too.

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Does anyone have any experience with the Efest Luc V8?

I’ve never really heard great things about Efest but that was mainly about batteries. This charger looks pretty neat but I’m wondering about longevity and also those soft touch buttons. Any general pros and cons really from real life users.

Alternative recommendations also appreciated. I need a charger that can take at least 6 batteries, at least 3 batteries charging at 2A. I use it for AAA / AA / 18650 / 21700 batteries. Additional things like USB charging (for car use) are a big plus but not a necessity.

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