Charging Batteries

it’s not like your oppenheimer plugging in the atomic bomb

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Received the batteries today and my new Wismec RX2/3 Mod and decided to give it ago straight away so popped a couple of batteries in and to my dismay they only had a bit of charge in them. Is this normal for transporting them or should they have been fully charged. Was gutted, now they are on the charger and seem to be charging ok, they have been on charge at .5 amp for about 41/2 hours and they have reached 2100 ohms.
I did a quick check on them prior to charging and they had a good low resistance so don’t look like there duds

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My new batteries normally come about 2/3 charged, sometimes a touch lower.

There’s some info in this thread IIRC :blush:


18650’s should always come partially charged, and there are laws regarding such.

I am sure you mean mAh.


yea sorry my fault I meant mAh

The Opus C3100 [or ShyRC or similar] are great to test new batteries, and make sure they aren’t fake/re-wraps.
Fully charge them and read the mAh storage capacity [ unless you will not be using them for at least a month.]
In this particular case, you are using them immediately.

On the opus do you know how to read the mAh as when I tried after they were fully charged it just said full. the last time I looked before the were full it read 2150

When they are reading “FULL”, and before you touch them at all…
press the ‘DISPLAY’ button, and scroll thru the options of that function.

Each display only lasts a couple of seconds, but you can do it over and over.
Each bay will read separately…How long it charged for, volts, mAh, etc.

There are plenty of youTube videos on the C3100, and not just vapers, but engineers.
Then there is always the paper manual [or online] that you can read.

This C3100 is an advanced charger, and has more functions than the average joe will ever need/use,
but it has also simple everyday functions that are perfect for vapers.
This C3100 is only half advanced as the SkyRC, and the SkyRC is only 1/10th advanced as a real battery charger,
but all is not necessary unless you have oscilloscopes and a half dozen other meters to begin with.

I believe this C3100 is the minimal vapers need to charge with, and since the price has dropped to reasonable,
all should have this. Just the re-conditioning function of lithium-ion will pay for itself in battery charge cycles
and battery life.


Been using my Samsung batteries now for a month or so and found them to be much better than the built in type that ive had before.
I have 8 in total that I have paired off into 4 twos and use them in rotation set 1 2 3 4 and back to 1 and
I use the C3100 to charge them.
I have just one question and that is how long do these batterys last ( I use 1 set per day then charge ) before I use the charger to refresh them, and what is there overall life span if used every 4 days

First, I hope you are not ‘refreshing’ them each charge cycle.Only if one has dropped 500mAh
capacity from new…when the charge cycle is complete.

The newer 18650’s should last about 500 charge cycles on average.

After about 350 charge cycles you will probably see they will not hold
a full charge as when they were new.

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@ozo he said…

This is a question I bothered with in the beginning as well… if u use a regulated mod it will tell you when to recharge. If you use a mechanical mod just pull your batteries out and put them in the charger to see what the voltage is at after a few hours. If it is lower than 3.5v I would recharge…

@ozo said

Only if one has dropped 500mAh
capacity from new…when the charge cycle is complete.

Sorry that should have said recharge, I have not refreshed any of them yet.
I have just charged one set tonight and after charge it still read 2358 mAh from 2500 when new.
Reason I was asking I was unsure when to refresh them to make them last as long as possible.
Thanks for your reply, I will keep eye on them and refresh when the mAh gets towards 500 after charge.
Whats the best ma to charge at, it gives me 500 as standard with option to change to 200 500 700 1000 1500 or 2000 the latter two on outer banks when only charging two batterys.

is the c3400 worth the extra 20 or 25 dollars?

I thought the ct3100 and 3400 are same charger but just branded for different suppliers, might be wrong though

Simply…NO, and I would not be surprised if the 3400 is the same as the 3100 [2.1 version]
In that case, you would be going backwards…for more cash forwards, eh?

Just to clarify, when the mAh drops 500-700 BELOW the original mAh capacity.
[It would still be reading 1800-2000 mAh on a 25R, etc.]

The BT-C3100 v2.2 is capable of refreshing a cared-for 18650 HD up to 99 times IIRC

You should not be worrying about refreshing any new tech 18650 HD for many months after
they are bought new, authentic, from a reputable seller.


New batteries coming from a reputable seller will typically be 3.5 V ~ 3.6 V
This is a good resting place for the cell and also should be referenced as a good place for your batteries that may not be in regular circulation for some time too…

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