Charging Batteries

I have just purchased the Opus BT-C3100 charger to charge my 18650 batteries and would like to know is it safe to charge your batteries un attended overnight as I have heard it can be dangerous.
The batteries I have got coming are the Samsung 25R un protected,


charging your batteries at night is fine , i charge my barriers on a ceramic plate unattended .both my four bay and two bay charger . your charger should have some safety features but just don’t put any batterie on your charger you wouldn’t use in your mod

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@ozo may be able to shed light on this - he has advised me well regarding the BT-C3100 :slight_smile:

The new chargers like the Opus and Nitecore have safety features to prevent any malfunction, however, it is advisable to never leave a battery charging unattended, one reason is that your house insurance won’t cover you if it causes damage.

You could charge them next to your bed if your feeling brave, maybe you’ll wake up find its done and turn it off :wink:


What do you mean by ‘un-protected’ ?

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Low and slow is the best. All my chargers have a maximum of 500 milliamps per. Trickle charging produces less heat and that can reduce risk.I also try and never allow my batteries to discharge below 50%. I carry spares with me everywhere.

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If I have to leave mine unattended for any reason the charger goes in lipo guard bag -


Samsung 25R doesn’t have any protection circuitry built in, meaning it can be pushed passed its amp limits.

There are quite a lot of 18650 batteries out there that have built in protection, which is mostly used for flashlights and such. These are usually batteries with lower amp limits and can’t be pushed passed that limitation. They’re a fair bit safer than what we use in vaping but due to the lower amp limit, utterly useless.

This link sheds some light on the subject.


Yes, I understand that, I was just making sure he wasn’t buying some batteries that didn’t have wrappers.

This is the product details of the battery and it says protected : no
I thought this was that protected batteries have a chip that prevents overcharge and non protected do not have chip.

Type: Battery
Battery Type: Lithium-ion
Rechargeable: Yes
Protected: No
Voltage(V): 3.7V
Discharge Current: 30A
Mercury Free: Yes
Suitable for: MP4,MP3,Microphone,Flashlight,MP5,PDA,Digital Camera,CD Players,Car toys,Electronic Cigarette

Also i heard its best to keep your batteries in pairs when charging and using them by say marking them A & B and A1 and B1 is this correct ?

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Samsung 25R has been tested and you should know that they are 20 amp battery and use that information when considering the coils and power you are going to use while vaping. Many batteries have been over rated when it comes to Amps. I have found the Battery Mooch has posted very helpful information on batteries to allow us to safely use them in our application. If you are interested in more information I could post a link to the data if it is within guidelines.

That is the common wisdom if you are using them in a dual battery mod. Mooch is doing testing on this theory over on ECF and I am eagerly awaiting his results. I have 6 sets of 3, 6 sets of 2, and 12 or 15 singles in rotation right now.

Thanks for info, I will be using them in my new Wismec RX2/3 in dual battery mode with a Baby Beast tank with the T8 coils so max Wattage will be 80 but I tend to find 60 to 65w is my preferred wattage

I agree with @jminion1947 you can’t be too careful around batteries no matter what advances they got with chargers…
FWIW the Samsung 25R is not A Lithium Ion battery rather a NCA - LiNiCoAlO2
Chemistry which doesn’t “necessarily” need a protection circuit because it’s categorized as a “Safe Chemistry” battery…
From my own experience they’ve been a solid choice although I prefer the LG HE-4 and HG2 3000 mAh batteries…
Either way always use a safe charging environment and procedures to avoid any possible damage or problems…
The LUC and X-Tar VC4 are great choices…
I’m a fan of the VC4 because it can bring back batteries that have been over discharged back to life… Good Luck !!!

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You should be find, I have the same setup available to me. Learn ohms law and there are couple of apps you can get that will give you amps and power draw based on the wire, coil type and number of warps so you can make sure you are within safe limits. This will come into play if you decide to use RDAs with your own builds and if using a mechanical mod it is a must.

The Battery Mooch does great work and is a great reference for us.



Your battery choices are solid, also like Sony VTC5A, VTC5, and VTC4 depending on what mod I am using.


Sony VTC’s are the backbone and foundation for the many, many batteries that came after… My old VTC3’s were the MNKE killer… :wink:

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just charge your batterys lol nothings gunna happen , i fill my four bay charger and i’ll leave it full and running for two days , they are just 18650 batteries , its not new technology , they are used in job site radios ,drills , laptops . so think of it this way , do you plug your laptop in at night and or leave it unattended ?