Charlie's Chalk dust SUGAR and KNIFE plz

Really love this and cannot find a clone . Anybody know something close?

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Be sure to take advantage of the local Search tools on ELR (press Cntrl+F)

I searched before posting and all I found was an exhausted thread. Ive searched other sites as well and cannot find anything.

I searched too and I found zip. Also remember Juice suppliers are tricky in their names and descriptions. Example: you said you don’t taste pineapple. In DIY you find mixing a few flavors together comes up with something totally different that no one would guess. This seems to be a hard one to clone, as no one has succeeded …almost like no one has tried.

Best advice is try building like blocks. Build some cake flavors and look at some cake recipes (record percentages/brands) …then blackberries and Maple syrup. Good searches would be “best pineapple” “best blackberry” here on ELR Forum (for the obvious parts) or as “Notes” on flavors on the recipe side of ELR (the “upside down cake” part.

Remember DIY is rampant and these top Juice manufacturers are focusing on that “Eleven Herbs and Spices” secret recipe angle, so the cake flavor could Pancake (FA) (Is Maple Syrup a clue?) …I mean were they trying for fruity pancakes and decided it kinda tasted like upside down cake?

Some obvious things might be Yellow Cake (FW) Brown Sugar Extra (TFA) Golden Butter (CAP). In a dripper run the temps from low to over high. Sometimes you’ll catch a flavor at 20W and you can’t taste it at 45W. Whatcha tastin’ in there? Forget the name …it’s there to throw you off the scent. Follow your nose! …

still nothing…:frowning:

This is a tester and (not mine) but you could give it a shot.