Cheap/easy setup for testing

What is a good (read…cheap) low maintenance setup for taste testing my DIY mixes? Cheap dripper with a Clapton coil and no cotton? Anything easier?


You can get a Velocity for less than $15.

Hard to beat this for testing flavors. But I am sure there are other opinions.

I have bought 2 of these from this Vendor. Both were pretty good tanks. But on one, the air adjuster sleeve threads were a little “squeaky”. After some use it smoothed out just fine. No complaints whatsoever.


It’s what I use. I just use my original first rda - Dark Horse, and a stove-top coil someone made for me.
I’ll be looking for another one soon, as it’s the best evvar!


It’s super janky, but for quick & dirty testing I put a couple drops on a piece of aluminum foil and heat the underside gently with a lighter. It vaporizes nicely and I can get a whiff of it.

Upsides: quick, easy, zero cleanup or washing
Downsides: looks like a crackhead if anyone saw me! :slight_smile:


Reminds me a bit of my truck driving days, sitting on the edge of my sleeper mattress. Glad I survived it.

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Vaping off aluminum foil. Lol, that’s funny. Been there, done that back in my wilder days. But it is definitely not good for you. Aluminum puts off very toxic fumes when heated.

I don’t know what type of batteries you use but in the past I’ve used Cisco atomizers which are pricey they’re plenty knock offs out there doing the same thing but just not name brand. you just drip it in the top vape it a couple good puffs ( enough to test ) then when your done flush it out with pg in between flavors is what I used to do and blow it out the other end. ready for the next favor or I had a few shorty cartomizers and they really are perfect.

Cheap and not one thing you really have to do you could use them a few times or rinse and soak some of them easily. Dry burning is not an option.

Shorty ( My personal favorite out of the few still out there and has dang good flavor and vapor believe it or not )

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Those are electric crack pipes lol. Sweet. Do you get good flavor off of them?

Yes like you would not believe. I personally love the shorty the second link the very best because they are so easy and actually hold more than the cisco style ( top link )

I use a plume veil 1…5 clone. Excellent for testing. has them for 6.99 FS this weekend

I use a magma with a titanium coil and a hemp wick. :slight_smile: The hemp clears old flavors pretty quickly.

Aluminum fumes do not appear in medical or professional toxicity articles I’ve seen so far. Plenty of anecdotal “my friend said” stuff but nothing official. The CDC page on aluminum doesn’t ring any alarm bells.

Metal fume toxicity of steel, magnesium, [correction: platinum not titanium], etc, were mentioned.

I’d be more worried about industrial oils on the foil than vaporised aluminum per se.

I have had fumes from a molten aluminum can in a fire take my breath away. It can’t be good for you. Granted, a lighter isn’t going to create that kind of heat. But if standing too close to a Lion will get you killed, why take a step closer?

And being a machinist of 20 years I can tell the difference between machine oil fumes and that of metal heated to the point it puts off a fume and a smell. All metals do this.

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Toxic fumes from titanium?

Mea culpa, it was platinum not titanium. I’ll see if I can correct my earlier post.

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I would suspect the screenprinted ink on the outside or the polymer lining on the inside of the can more than the aluminum material. Foil has neither of these. To be fair there are foils with nonstick additives but I am too cheap to buy those. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not averse to taking steps to minimize risk but I’d rather do it based on science and evidence. No disrespect intended.
In this case I am picking up on no side odors, whether material- or manufacturing-related. Could be because I am heating gently and relatively evenly across the bottom surface.