Cheaper way to get Premium juice

I like that idea


Funny, I assumed everyone already did this – isn’t that kind of thing like, the point of a huge collection of mixes? You can search out for mixes for a single flavor you just got, check “what can I mix” for all your stuff, or find some way to check random flavours.

I could swear I even got the idea from this forum! XD

Oh and Jenny, yeah I’m more or less with you, just too cheap to actually do it with the premiums, thus my alternative with using the mixes here.And, of course, if I don’t like a specific mix (not happened yet) I’ve got a couple new flavours to try with the rest of the stash or solo – sure I don’t dislike each flavour on it’s own merits.

So far the only thing I’ve got that has gone in the bin was Lychee – it tastes just like lychee, I like lychee, but lychee is a horrid flavour for vaping.


I’m glad you said that. I have no clue what a lychee is and was get some on my next order. Guess not now.

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It’s a fruit. Taste is rather sweet with a strange undertone. In vaping, even after I bumped the percentage way down, and mixed it with other stuff when that didn’t work – that undertone is way, way stronger and borderline makes me feel sick, while also cloying to my nose so it’s all I taste for an hour or so. I thought I’d burnt the atty at first. But no, no it’s just terrible in vaping. eat the fruit instead. I bought a 4oz bottle cause I love love love the fruit. Disappointing.

Oh, you know the worst bit? When I mixed it with Chai Tea I called it “Chaichee” and got the warm fuzzies from an awesome name. Boo . . .


It is an awesome name! :blush:


Anything to get people off cigs is a win win for me. Being the cheap girl that i am DIY is the only way i could continue to vape. BUT your plug was perfect esp for those who are new to DIY or still buying store bought juice. Thanks for the info.


I agree! I am working on my Dad next! I have started trying to get him to taste my vape. And now I got him one, made him a bunch of tobacco flavors, bought him a few bottles until those are steeped. And fingers crossed he goes for it!

And thank you, I like to get my favorite juices just now and then. There is something about them I can’t figure out. And I am a bargain lover! So, just wanted to share what I did so maybe others could benefit. It’s funny now, I smoked a pack a day, that cost $300 per month between my husband and I!! And now, I make juice so inexpensively that spending $27 three months ago for juice was a splurge! But I make up for it in flavor buying, that’s for sure!


If it’s any consolation, when I read your initial post I did the math (an occupational hazard, I’m afraid) and knew exactly what you were getting at. I’m fortunate enough to like the juice I mix better than any commercial juice I’ve had, but I’m always open to new ideas, so I might get one of those samplers just to see what you like about it- at 15 bucks it would be hard to go wrong, right?


Thank you! :blush: My first posts here were about trying to clone my 2 favorite juices from there. I had no idea how hard it would be! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

I am going to research what other companies offer similar deals and post them in this thread. I am curious to see what else is available. I had seen them on other sites before I started DIY, but when I saw nic free, I just passed by them.

If you are going to get anything, here is a coupon to get 20% off your first order. Instead of waiting for a sale…

It’s from the refer a friend program. Anyone can use it. I recommend signing up for the rewards program, it’s good! And you can get your own link to pass on, if you find you like them as much as I do.


Update…as mentioned, I searched for sample packs that would work similarly. And so far, I have not found anything. There are options for juice sample packs on many websites, however, I didn’t find any that offer such a deep discount on them, nor any that are cheaper without nicotine. When looking through posts on this subject in other forums, there were some that sounded like great deals, but they were mostly old and outdated. The links didn’t exist anymore, and going directly to the company I found they no longer offered sample packs, or, they were quite expensive, saving the buyer anywhere from $4 to $10 than buying individually. Most were priced $60 or more, but did include a lot of options, still very expensive regardless. I don’t know if state regulations have made big discounts sample packs a thing of the past, or if it was determined by the companies themselves to not offer them. I will, however, continue looking!


Now is the time!

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