Cheaper way to get Premium juice

I just mentioned this idea in another post, and thought that I would share it. It is not cheaper than mixing your own juice, and it’s not meant to replace mixing at all. It is just a way to use the knowledge and supplies you have to get some premade juice at a 50% or more discount (in this particular example). If you are a new mixer, short on time, need a break, or craving something different and don’t want to spend a fortune on one bottle of retail juice, this is handy. Many companies offer nicotine free sample juice packs at highly discounted prices. You buy your favorite brand, add the nicotine, and you are all set.

I personally like Smoke Crossroads for their flavor packs. You get six 15ml glass bottles of nicotine free juice (except for the Affinity line). One 15ml bottle of their juice with or without nicotine is $10! But, you’ll get six of them for $20 this way! It’s a great deal! This brand is the juice that I was in love with before I started mixing. I am a fan of the Carolina Menthol, which was much like a Marlboro Menthol light to me. Also, Coconut bay, which is unfortunately not available in any of the sample packs. I ordered the menthol sample pack and have been very happy with it. I got my Carolina Menthol, the Grape Cool Aid was a nice, refreshing surprise, and the rest I have been using to mix with my own pre mixed non menthol tobaccos and fruit flavors directly in my tank. Not a drop going to waste here!

A commentor asked if it was worth it considering the cost of nicotine, shipping, etc…and it is. Using these specific sample packs and my nicotine cost the price comes out to $27 total vs. $60 for buying buying six 15ml bottles retail. Also, there are usually sales on holidays, cloud points and coupons available for this site that will lower the price more. I got 20% off when I bought it at Easter, making the cost $23. Shipping for one sample pack is $6. The nicotine price varies on your cost and how much you add. I figured it out to be $1 total in nicotine cost for myself.

I think I should mention, I don’t have any type of affilation with this company at all, I just LOVE their juice. And I cannot replicate it! I happened to get it at my local vape shop as my first juice purchase and have been a fan since! I am going to look into what other companies offer sample packs. I will post them in the comments if anyone wants to try any.


Thanks for the sugestion BUT for me the cheapest way to get juice is to make it myself. I can make most of the flavors that i like under 2.00. I tried to back to premium juice about 6 months ago just to see what all of the hoopla was about for a certain brand AND i was highly disapointed. For me cheap= DIY.


I can dig it. I like to try this and that just to see what it tastes like. Call it inspiration if you like.


Jenny, I don’t mean to piss in your Cheerios, but what is the cost of the Nicotine you are adding to these pre-mixes? I mean if you take into account the postage cost on these and add in the cost of Nicotine you are adding, are you really saving any money? I don’t know, I didn’t do the math, but it’s an angle you may want to look into. Just sayin …


I think most of you missed her point. She was giving a cheap alternative to completed store bought juice when you are not in the mood to fully mix it yourself.


I get what you are saying. But for me, personally, it works for when I want to treat myself. It says how to get premium juices cheap, right? I pay $10 for 50ml of 100mg nicotine. It costs $3 to ship if I only order that, but I will order pg and vg usually too. I need .7ml of nicotine per bottle, that’s 4.2ml total, let’s say 5ml That is a cost of $1 in nicotine for all 6 bottles. (Not counting the cost of shipping nicotine since I always have it anyway). I bought this particular set at Easter, got 20% off, as they are many holidays. So it was $16 plus shipping, which was $6. That is $23 for 6 bottles. No, it’s not as cheap as mixing my own. But the point is to get premium juices that I can’t replicate as a special treat for $5.25 per bottle including everything. Without the coupon, $27 total instead of the regular cost of $60 (free shipping over $50). But I almost always have cloud points or a coupon code. I say that is a deal for juices I absolutely love! I don’t do it all the time. I use them up carefully and savor them.


THANK YOU WORM! That is exactly my point. It’s if you want to treat yourself. Or, if you just don’t have anything that doesn’t need steeping for weeks or months ready. Or, if you just are craving store bought juice. It is not meant to replace DIY!


I respect what you are saying! If you dont like store made juice, then I can understand why you wouldn’t want to do this.

It is not meant to replace DIY. Of course it’s the cheapest way. I like certain pre-made flavors, these in particular, but can’t afford to always have them. So, if I want to treat myself, I do it this way and the cost is 50% less than retail for $1 of added nicotine.


@Jenny1978 That sounds like a great idea to me. I didn’t mean to imply that it wasn’t a great idea. Like I said, I didn’t do the Math. I was just curious if you did or not. You have to understand, with me being the general manager of a major retail hardware store, I am acutely aware of markup percents, shipping costs, COGs (cost of goods), vendor markup percents, etc. I just wanted to make sure you were aware, (I was pretty sure you were) that there were other expenditures involved besides just the cost of the juice :grinning:


@worm1 I understood her point perfectly. I wasn’t sure however she understood MY point


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coughs Anyway, I see a plus to trying ‘premium’ juices when you can get them super cheap, give yourself ideas for mixing basically. But too expensive, even what you showed. To be fair, my main vapes are a TFV12 and a Velocity, I go thru 5-10 mls a day on a weekday XD. did 30ml yesterday testing my new gear. Did nearly a hundred one day when I spent the entire day mixing. I ended up having to leave the door to outside open after a bit >.>

Tell you what tho, if I had 40-60 bucks to just blow for no reason I’d sign up to . . .what was that one I saw, Zamplebox or something. But yeah, box of random stuff appeals to me, gets me stuff I’d never think to go for.

But I figure it makes more sense to use a random number generator, pick a flavour from the top 100 here, and buy whatever goes in it. Build up my flavour stash that way.


That’s actually a super fun idea!


I absolutely respect your opinion. To be honest, I have been sampling so many different single flavor juices in a day since I went CRAZY at Memorial day sales, I don’t even know how much I use in a day! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But I think that it’s probably a little more than you go through on a standard weekday. The same amount every day.

This is one example of one brand, I have not looked at any other offerings or prices. I used this example because I have tried hard to get mixes close to this brand’s juices and simply haven’t come close yet. And, I really enjoy them now and then but cannot afford them on a regular basis regardless of the discount. I think that may be what lead a lot of us here in the first place. I didn’t want to be vaping at the price of what it was to smoke a pack a day. Financial price, for the price of the health advantages, I should be willing to pay that and then some! :blush: But, that is a whole different topic entirely!

Do I NEED these juices? No. I make plenty of delicious juices from the recipes offered here. I took chances on flavors that I never would have tried if spending retail prices on pre made juice. For the prices of some flavorings, especially during a sale, it’s almost hard not to try them when you’ve heard good things! And I will still do that. The most recent one was Purilium’s Tropical Blend at the Memorial day sale. I think it ended up being like $1.50 for the bottle or something like that. And I actually never heard anyone ever mention it, but it caught my eye. And, I found, for me, It’s amazing! Hands down new favorite bottle of flavor since someone first mentioned RY4 when I first started mixing. I wouldn’t have tried something with the flavor profile of RY4 if I was picking out a retail price bottle. I’d play it safe and get one that I had an pretty good idea I would like. But, TFA RY4 Double is the main flavor of my favorite ADV now.

I was just using this example to show if I want to buy my favorite juice, I can buy a single bottle, even at 0 nic, for $10, or 6 of the same size for $20 and I get some juices I know I like, and also get some bottles of something I may love or hate (but ended up with love, luckily). And so far I have been really pleased with this one-time purchase. I won’t vape these as my ADV, I use them in moderation, a tank here, a tank there. I still have plenty left from April by doing this and using my own mixed stuff the majority of the time. It’s nice to vape that juice that got me off of cigarettes now and then! :blush:

It’s not for everyone. It’s simply something that I found to be a nice treat, and thought I would pass the idea on to others.

I am so with you on those random monthly boxes! I don’t know if I would do a vape one, maybe I would. But if I were picking just one out of what I have seen, it would be bark box for my doggie, he would love that! And maybe start liking the mailman!