Check out my rack ;>) now show me yours

Just 6-8 foot by 4 inch wide boards nails and glue


Nice! I wish I had that much room to work in. Maybe one day we’ll finally have a room free up here :slight_smile:


I wish more people would post things like this.


Well that’s the sort of title that grabs my attention really fast! Although I will say I’m slightly saddened by the fact it wasn’t what I hoped but since I’m here…

Sorry about the link I was too lazy to repost :wink:

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It is a Compact Disc “shelf” I made many moons ago, re-purposed for flavors. The trays pull completely out for easier access and moving stuff around as needed. All are 20ml needle point bottles. I sampled 10 different bottle/needle tip for drop count/ml. They all average 41 drops per ml. This is handy for quick adjustments to flavors without going to the scale.
I still have a few flavors to go to fill it up. …awww shucks…
The bottom shelf is currently used for older steeped bottles of finished juice that I haven’t really decided just what to do with.

And for big bottle storage…
My space is very limited, my little “man cave” is only 12ft x 14ft and also is home to a couple of bass guitars, an amp, my computer desk and other stuff…but the view from the windows is of forest and valley. Hard to beat. :slight_smile: Gotta love old farm houses.



Me too! He has it going on :sunglasses:

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Gosh, starting to feel like I’m in one of those girlie magazines since I’ve shown you my rack so much…lol