Check out this video, i thought everyone would get a laugh out of it


i posted this video on the ELR fb page and one person saw it it got me wondering , how many people from this site follow the fb page

Failed link, does not point to anything

for me too

sorry it was working earlier i made sure and now its not will try to fix

@pattie liked it earlier so she must have seen it when it was working hmmmm ill try another way

im not sure what happened but it is posted on the ELR facebook page i posted it there first if you are interested im hoping it can be displayed again soon

It was working when I clicked the link. It’s not working now though. (HE said) :joy::+1:


Facebook is terrible about pulling videos and other content they decide is not suitable for public consumption. Freedom of expression doesn’t exist there unless you’re the promoting any of the progressive ideologies, then you can have at it. :frowning:


i actually downloaded to facebook i recorded it off of my tv onto my phone but i cant upload the clip from my phone to this site