Check your kidney puncher wire (kp)

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I’m not posting this too create drama as seen on other platforms, and I understand lots of people don’t like him, but maybe its from interest to check your wire, if you purchased some recently.

For me it was important too share this, because if it was from any other vendor or/and youtuber, Iwould have also loved to hear about it. I do have a nickel allergy but I don’t vape kanthal, however people that do, might like some heads up on this.


I agree something like this needs to be out in public view. I have never ordered from KP myself but I was under the impression they were one of the more respected sources for wire. I am hoping this is a one time screw up on there part not the norm. I would also think that addressing the issue in a timely manner should be expected of them from the community.

I would urge folks that are customers with them to email them with a link to this video and ask for an explanation.


That’s very cool of you. I have a crazy Nickel allergy. I happened to use pre-made Ni coil a few years back and all allergy hell broke loose.


I have a nickel allergy too, back in the day as I tried Ni I felt bad for weeks. I’m using SS and because I have no idea about metals, apparently nickel is in there as well? Regardless I don’t feel bad or having any issues so far, so I’ll stick with it since I love tc. But I do purchase my wire from avs, however I felt sharing that link is extremely important.

Can you imaging what this can do too ppl with an extreme allergy, or mech users, or even whole businesses. If that was not already bad enough, too top that off the FDA would just love that once again.


Whoa, this is a big deal. Thanks for the heads up.


SS is an Alloy and can have nickel in it for special properties.

Alloy - Basically an alloy is two or more metal melted down and then combined to make a " new " metal.

Examples of alloy’s - Brass, Bronze, Nichrome, Pewter, Stainless Steel, just to name a few.


316L is pretty nickel heavy, it turns out
Fe, <0.03% C, 16-18.5% Cr, 10-14% Ni, 2-3% Mo, <2% Mn, <1% Si, <0.045% P, <0.03% S

Metalurgists in the audience might be able to discuss whether nickel is better trapped in a steel matrix that on its own when heated.


most definitely. Nickel on its own is a highly toxic metal and in my most humble opinion, should not be used for vaping at all. I know that statement will cause some little strife, but I stand by it.

Nickel in stainless steel is no longer nickel it is stainless steel. same with nichrome and what ever else it is used in.

I am not a Metallurgist, but alloys fascinate me to no end. Probably because I totally suck at working with metal


Looks true for contact.

Considering the low temperatures we are exposing the metal to, I assume that this is the same for heating elements.


I believe you are correct. Thanks for the article.


During Jai’s phone call with KP, the representative (I believe his name is Martin) did admit that this is not the first time that mislabeling has happened. In fact he says that measures were taken (magnetic testing and others) to ensure that it would not happen again. I have heard at least one other person, on W&C, say that they also have had this happen to them. Additionally, Jai did not have just 1 spool, or 1 kind of spools, that were mislabeled, but many different kinds, in many different gauges. The high and low is that this in NOT an isolated event. It is a problem that KP has had in the past, on more than one occasion.

I know Jai is not well liked by many people, but his information is usually good. He may seem over the top, when something gets his goat, but hey, he is from NJ. Whadidja expect? Lol All kidding aside, his methods are crude, but he is sharing valuable information in a way that makes everyone take notice, whether they want to or not.


I recently " discovered " him and I think he is hilarious. Maybe I’ll get tired of him, but so far he cracks me up.


I have been a fan of his for about a year and a half. I think he is pretty funny, but mostly I like frank reviews he gives. I bought both the wasp nano and the tesla 120 steampunk on his recommendations and have been super happy with both of them. I enjoy the same style of vape that he does, so it makes sense to look at his reviews. I don’t agree with every aspect of his reviews, like aesthetics, but if I want to know if a product is gonna work for me, then I know he will give me that information. :smiley:


He sounds like someones drunk grandma :rofl:

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I like the video but its a bit long winded, i checked all my kanthal from kp and its all good but dont want to do business with a company like that does anyone know of a trusted source for kanthal ?

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Why not just use SS, if I may?

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I do use ss, triple and quad core clapton usually but sometimes i like a single wire kanthal coil


KP responds, sorta:

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email from KP:

A message from Craig Larsen, the owner of Kidney Puncher LLC:

On Saturday, 5/5/18, we received an email from a wholesale customer stating that he had custom labeled spools of our wire that were mislabeled as Kanthal A-1.

On Monday 5/7/18 we performed a magnetic test on every wire spool in our warehouse and in our retail stores. The purpose of this test was to verify the accuracy of our labels in regards to wire “formula”. I.e. we wanted to make sure that if a spool was labeled as Kanthal A-1, that it attracted a magnet. If it was labeled as Nichrome 80, that it did not attract a magnet.

Out of the over 40k spools we had on hand, 99.92% of them passed the magnetic test.

The small # that did not pass were discarded as scrap.

We have re-examined our cGMP process for wire product production, which includes labeling. We identified the gap that allowed this rare failure and put measures in place to fix it.

After further email conversation with the wholesale customer in question, it was determined that he had 11 mislabeled spools out of 768 spools in his order history.

In case there are more mislabeled spools out there, we are sending this email to our retail ecommerce site customers to encourage you to magnet test any of our wire spools you may have. We believe the number of mislabeled spools to be very small. If you find one of your spools fails the magnet test, please contact to arrange for a replacement.

Since 2014, we have sold over 375,000 KP wire products, consisting of spools, 3-ft wire cards and pre-made coils.

On 5/7 and 5/8/18, our team reviewed all of our customer service records: email, Zendesk (ticket based support system) and Slack.

Based on our research we have a 99.98% customer satisfaction rate.

Our company remains committed to providing the highest quality wire products for the vaping community.


Craig Larsen
Owner, Kidney Puncher LLC