Chef Gnome oneshot question

Hello ELR family.

Actually,my friend run a small vape shop and many of his customer need/demand custom type Eliquids.

As you guys may know, Chef not stocking single flavor concentrate anymore.

While searching other alternatives, i found Chef’s Gnome oneshot. They also have other brands oneshots in stock.

The question is .
1: Anyone tried Chef’s own Gnome bar oneshot?
2: Can i consider oneshot as a full recipe and mix with vg/pg base and steep and give it to customer?
3: Is it a good idea to use oneshot to make ejuice for customers on regular basis? Or should i use single flavor concentrate to build own recipe?

Recommend me best oneshot brand to consider.



OMG… oneshots… which of the thrillion makers would you want us to suggest?

A one-shot is: a full recipe without the PG/VG, or a dash of PG as a carrier.
Go on the recipe side and on ANY recipe, click on the Blue Wrench and you’ll see: make one-shot/Concentrate, we invented that to create bases (stones, but that’s another matter.
What “the market” did is to use, OS to trick TPD, avoid certifications, and all nasty things like that.

So a one-shot is made out of single flavours and translated into a concentrate that has to use specific dilution, but everything is explained perfectly once you click on that wrench.

Give credit to the owner of the recipe, but it’s not a good practice to take somebody’s recipe and sell it, we don’t create them with that intention, even if we know that some shops and manufacturers do that, I saw mines on sale quite a few times on sale and know exactly the timing, from when I release it to when it’s on the market… Dead giveaway, I hate it when they do that, but my choice to release it and share it, so my fault at the end.

Create your own profiles and liquids, make it a concentrate and sell it, as you go on youìll understand customer’s needs, improve as you go, and can modify them, tailor make them to “your tastes” Europeans are different from Asian or Americans, and you’ll also be proud of your creation.


I have not, but if you have mixed it into vg/pg/nic and like it, it should be fine to resell it to vape shoppe customers.

Chef’s probably sells lots of oneshots to business accounts, diy is, from what I’ve read through the years, a small % of flavor concentrate purchases from flavor suppliers.

A oneshot is a recipe of individual concentrates that have all been set at proper % settings and all put in one bottle to be used as a single concentrate. So you are expected to mix it at the recommended % into your vg/pg/nic base as one would a single flavor, but it is a complete recipe.

As long as you are buying oneshots created and sold by places like Chef’s, and not swiping recipes from places like ELR, you should feel just fine about the ethics.


Vaping will be dead in awhile, maybe try and sell solar panels.